Articles on Writing
Articles On Writing
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"There is only one type of story in the
world -- your story."  ~ Ray Bradburye
It's hard to find articles on setting, even though your story wouldn't be the same without the right setting, and
without it being done well enough for your reader to "see" that setting in your words.
Writing How To
These are a pile of articles on writing, from theme, to description, to voice, to you name
it. If I found it helpful, and it covered some point of writing how-to, it's here.
Writing as a Career
This is the reason we write. It's the career we want, but writing is a career. A
business. These articles below go over making that first sale, what should be in a
contract and what shouldn't, career planning, taxes, and more. So published or not,
some of these are sure to be helpful.
Writing Conferences &
Editor/Agent Appointments
This section is for those lucky ones who get to go to writing conferences before making that first sale.
This and That
This and that about covers it. If it didn't seem to fit in any one given section, I stuck it here.
Interviews with Editors and Agents
I haven't found many of these interviews on line. Painted Rock used to have a lot of them, but sadly the
owner passed away and the site and all of its great info was deleted. I'm always looking for new interviews
though, and will add them if I find them.
Promotion Know How
Don't think this part is just for the pubilshed author. No. No. It's never too early
to start planning on promotion and how you'll handle it and what you'll do.
Rewriting and Editing
There's nothing easy about rewriting. It can be so hard to know what to cut and
what to add. And rewriting can take on a life of its own. Become a beast that won't
let go. It's hard to know when enough is enough, and to just let go already.
Help Using MS Word & More
I haven't found much for this section,
but a little help is better than none at all.
For articles on characters and characterization, check out my Building Fictional
page.  The same goes for articles on subjects like query letters, writing a
synopsis, formatting, agents, and writing contests.
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