Articles on Writing
Articles On Writing
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Tips & Advice & Tricks & More
These are kind of a mix-match of articles that didn't
fit any where else at the time I found them.
Plot is such a little word, only four letters, but that little word can be the most important part of a story. What good are strong
characters and tight writing if the plot leaves you nodding off? If ground beed is the center of your taco, then plot is the ground
beef of your story.
Let's Talk about Money
I know a lot of writers who say they write just for the love of writing, but I think many of us write for the
love of a paycheck. Maybe more of us than will admit to it. And even if that's not why you write, you still
have to worry about taxes and all of that other money stuff, so this section is a good place to start.
Point of View
Point of view, pov, is one of those things that
can be hard to understand when you are a new
writer. How and how often you should switch
pov is something that can depend on the writer
and his or her skill at handling those switches.
The below articles cover it all.
Conflict isn't disagreeing. It's so much
more. And if plot is the ground beef in
your story, then conflict is the cheese on
top of it. You know that taco just isn't the
same without plenty of cheese.
Sexual Tension & Love Scenes
Even if you are writing sweet romance, when your hero gazing into the eyes of your heroin, there should be sexual tension. If you are
writing a hotter romance, which is the growing trend right now, then sexual tension is even more imporatant. It really plays a bigger
and more important part in a romance than the love scene, but you'll find them both covered below.
Groups of Articles
On the pages listed below you will find a
number of articles on plenty writing
subjects. I found it easier to just put a link
to the page instead of to each and every
article you can find there. Have fun
clicking around.
Some writers have a hard time making their
dialogue read natual. We all talk to each
other, so you would think it would be easy,
but it can be hard to make the written word
come out like the spoken word.
Beginnings, Middles, and Ends
Ah, those opening hooks. They can pull us into the story, as well as the reader. If they are done right. Then there's that
sagging middle, when each word is like dripping blood onto the page. Finally there is the end, but did we tie up all of the
loose ends, leave our reader feeling satisfied? These articles will help you each stop of the way.
I don't know what can be the hardest,
giving a critique or getting one. The
articles below cover it all from both
sides. These are good reads no matter
which side you are on.
Different Romance        
I've tried to find something on each
category, from suspense to historical.
Discipline in Writing
It doesn't matter how good of a writer
you are, if you aren't writing, finishing a
manuscript and then moving on to the
next, you aren't going to get far in your
career as a writer. Still, just sitting down
and writing day after day can be hard at
times, so here's a good place to find a
push or two.
A Little History
If you are writing a historical, then
these articles are for you.