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Have a question I missed or a comment you'd like to share?

Feel free to use the form below to contact me.  I'd love to hear from
you. I do personally read every single message I get. I'll reply as I
can, but it does often take me a long time. That can mean a few
days, weeks, or sometimes even a couple of months or so. I have
major hand troubles, so my computer time is limited and sometimes
that means just handling the things I deal with daily for the
groups or doing updates here. That doesn't even count the times
when I'm writing.

Please, please, make sure you type in your e-mail address correctly.
And make sure it's
your e-mail address. Now and then someone puts
in their street address or something else for some reason. I hate it
when I get a message from someone who really needs help figuring
some writing thing out, or someone who just sends a thanks for the
info on my site, ect..., and then I go to reply and either there isn't an
e-mail address, or the message bounces back because the address
was wrong. If you don't leave me your correct e-mail address, I'll
have no way to answer your message.

If you have a writing question, check the site first to make sure I
haven't already covered it. People often write me and ask things like
how to write a query letter. I have a whole page on it, and then a
whole other page filled with samples to help.

I get asked some writing questions over and over, so I put them with
their answers together on a
FAQ page. Your question might already
be there with an answer without you having to wait for my reply.

One last thing, I'm sorry, really sorry, but please don't send writing for
me to critique or edit. I just no longer have the time to offer opinions
on query letters, synopses, chapters, or even pages. I did so, freely,
for many, many years.  There are also legal issue to consider, so if
someone sends me their writing anyway, I don't look at it. If it's
romance, I do have a
critique group where you can post your
chapter and have other writers critique it for you.  

Thanks so much for your understanding and your comments.