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Some of my favorite cookbooks and cookware are listed below.
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If you like the America's Test Kitchen cooking show, then this book is
great for you. It has some of the best recipes from the show. Even the
newest cook can come up with a great meal with the step by steps.
Some of us older cooks might even learn a new trick or two.
This book author takes a dash of the science of cooking, stirs in a
good helping of humor, tops it with detailed techniques and tasty
recipes to come up with a cookbook you will be glad you bought.  
Who doesn't love Rachael Ray?
(Smile) Thirty minute meals are just
what most of us need now days.
This one is subtitled "Eat Healthy
Without Going to Extremes".  Who
says cooking fast can't be healthy
and good?
I have to admit that Paula's recipes remind me
of my childhood. My mom was a great southern
cook, and the recipes Paula usually puts
together are the same kinds my mom did.
One of the best mixers around.
Can even stand up to the
thickest pound cake batter.
Why make cooking harder than it has to be? With Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade
cookbooks she uses store-bought and short cuts to take most of the work out of
even large meals.
Slow cookers are another great time saver. You can toss in
some stuff in the morning before you head off to work and
then come home to a hot slow cooked meal. This book has
almost 400 recipes in it. If you can only have one slow cooker
book, this is a great bet to be the best one you'll find.
Need a slow cooker? Click on
the picture to check this one out.
If you enjoy the recipes you find in Southern Living
magazine, then this is the book for you. Each recipe
they have had in the magazine for the whole year
can be found in this one cookbook. This one is for
2005, but they have them for each year.
I live in southeast Louisiana, not far from
New Orleans, so Cajun cooking is just
home cooking here. Ms. Lucy's cookbooks
offer up some great Cajun dishes.
If you know anything about Cajun cooking, then
you already know who Justin Wilson is.
Magnalite pots have been around for a really long time.
This aren't cheap, but they are the kind of pots you buy
once. My mom passed a couple of hers down to me and
I've used them for years. The new ones I've bought
since I lost her will probably be passed down to my own
children one day. That's how long they last.
half bad either, and the neat built-in straining feature is a big help in the
kitchen if you are cooking pasta or ground beef. If you can find this
brand of baking pans, they hold up great too. I bought two about eight
years ago, and they are still going strong.  (Smile) Get the 18 Gauge,
not the 19. The smaller the number gauge, the stronger.  You can look
at some
This mixer doesn't have as many bells
and whistles, but it's easier on the pocket
book and still works well for many mixes.
that's hard to find now days.