Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  How do you come up with your story ideas?

A.  Usually they come from one character that pops into my mind, or from one scene that suddenly plays there.
That opening scene is easy to write, but I don't know very much about the story or the characters at first.
Sometimes that opening scene becomes the middle of the book after a number of rewrites, and slowly it all
becomes a full story plot with fleshed out characters.

Q.  What's your writing schedule like?

A.  One word often fits the answer best. CRAZY. Life has a habit of getting all up in my way. (Smile) I might
write for endless hours one day, almost as long the next, maybe twelve hours or more, and then not get a
chance to even open up my Word file and type anything into it for the next two days. Such is life!

Q.   What's the hardest part of being a writer?

A.  I guess the answer to that will depend on which writer you ask. For me, the hardest part is self doubt. I'll
write a scene and think it's great, then read it again a day or two later and all I see is everything that is wrong
with it. I do the same thing with characters and plots. I'm sure the person giving me a critique or the judge of a
contest, or the agent or editor who reads it, is going to be able to drive a whole through my plot or feel that my
characters are cardboard cutouts at best. If someone says they love my pages, I'm sure they are just being
kind. But if someone says they find a problem or don't like something, I have a hard time not agreeing with
them. For that reason, I usually finish a manuscript or have it mostly done before I like to share it with anyone.
The middle of a story is hard enough to write without extra doubts. (Smile)