Charles Edward Hill with
his wife Jessie Marie 'Jenkins' Hill
Probably taken mid to late 1940's
Jessie Marie 'Jenkins' Hill                         Charles Edward Hill

              These two pictures were probably taken
                    late 1960's to very early 1970's.
William Elisha Jenkins with his daughter Jessie Marie
'Jenkins' Hill This picture of Jessie and her father
was taken in 1946. She was 16 and he was 32.
Augustus "Gussie" Mae
'Lewis' Jenkins
William Elisha Jenkins
Sarah Jane 'Alsobrooks' Hill with
her son Charles Edward Hill  
Sarah Jane 'Alsobrooks' Hill. Not sure
about the baby, but think he is her
grandson George Edward Hill
Isiah "Shorty" John Hill
I'm not real sure about this family picture. I know the first man on the front row with the untucked shirt is Isiah John Hill. I
believe the woman standing beside him is one of his sisters, at least that was what I was told, but no one was sure of her
name. The last man on the front row is one of Isiah's brothers, named Alise Hill, a brother.

The back three men are supposed to be Melven Hill, a brother, Charlie Hill, a brother, and then an uncle that I don't have
a name for. If you know their names for sure, please drop me a note using the contact link you can find in the nav bar at
the top of this page. (The other e-mail addresses that I used to use are no longer active. That includes the old i-55
address I used for more than ten years.)
Tommy Hill and his daughter Ann. She
was four when this picture was taken.
Sonny Hill