John W. HILL    b. 9/25/1859 in Prentiss, MS       d.2/1/1940  LA       Haley-Warner Cemetery LA
Melinda "Minnie" Lee WATERS or WALTERS   b.3/14/1883 in Hackley in Washington Parish, in
Louisiana      d.7/16/1945 LA
m     Allen A     b.9/7/1893     d.5/31/1977 LA    State Line Pentecostal Church Cemetery LA
m     Alsie M.     b.1898     d.1965 LA      State Line Pentecostal Church Cemetery
m     Isiah John    b.12/10/1904 Warnenton, LA        d.4/19/1964 LA     Ponemah Cemetery  
m     Charlie (Charles) W.    (Was ten years old in 1915 so probably born around 1905.)
m     Daniel W       b.9/25/1924      d.8/4/1928 LA        Haley-Warner Cemetery
f       Bessie (Rowell) ?
f       Claudesie (Holms) ?
f       Carlous b. 5/26/1901 in Washington Parish, LA d. 4/29/1930 in Mt. Hermon. Laid to rest in the
Maples               Cemetery

f     Alma   (Was fifteen years old in 1915, so probably born around 1900.)
f     Lena    (Was fourteen years old in 1915, so probably born around 1901.)
m    Melvin   ( Was nine years old in 1915, so probably born around 1906.)

While looking through the 1915 records of John Smith School in Ward 3 of Washington Parish, I found a
number of children listed as belonging to John W. Hill.  Those were, Alsie, Alma, Lena, Charlie, Isaiah, and
Melvin. The sex and age was also listed, but nothing more.

John W HILL also married Emily SMITH Holmes and Polly Ann SMITH and one other woman. Children?
Married Emily Holmes on 11/9/1918 in Washington Parish, LA

One child from one of these marragies might have been a daughter named Iona born on 9-15-1921?

Isiah John HILL   b.12/10/1904     d.4/19/1964 LA      Ponemah Cemetery LA
Sarah Jane ALSOBROOKS   b.3/28/1909 Hancock County, Bunkie, MS   d.11/12/1971 Bogalusa, LA    
Ponemah Cemetery. She finished up the 7th grade of school, was a housewife, and later a janitor at
Terrace Elementary school in Bogalusa.

Isiah and Sarah were Washington Parish, probably Bogalusa, on January 14, 1924. He was 21 and she
was 19. It was the first marriage for both. His place of residence is listed as Bogalusa, hers is listed as
Warnerton LA.
m     Thomas Matthew  b. Jan. 29, 1925  d. October 10, 2003  Married Velma Aleyene MALLEY born
April 17, 1926 in Pearl River County, Miss., passed away April 18, 2012 at LSU Bogalusa Medical Center.
       Children: Thomas Matthew Hill, Annie Jane Hill   
m     Prentis Jurnor or Junor      b. 8/24/1926 LA       d.2/14/1950
      Children: Ann
m     Charles Edward   b.  July 15, 1928   d. June 2, 2004
      Children: George Edward Hill, Charles Raymond Hill, Sarah Jane Creel, Charlotte Marie Dillon
m     Bennie Lewis Hill       b.    d. March 9, 2003 laid to rest at Ponemah Cemetery
     Children: Bennie Lewis Hill Jr., Shaun Hill, Lucy Elizabeth Oswald
Isiah John HILL also married Clovis CARTER Starkey on December 11, 1942 in Bogalusa.
Clovis was b. April 9, 1918 d. July 8, 1990
They had three children together.
m  John Harmon Hill
m  Jimmy Warren Hill  b. 1944
m  Clyde Ray "Buster" Hill

Sarah Jane ALSOBROOKS also married Peter Alex Cornett on September 30, 1957 in Louisiana, in the
parish of Pointe Coupee, in the town of New Roads. He was a sawyer at the sawmill. They lived at 1519
Washington St. in Bogalusa. There were no children from this marriage. The home they lived in was torn
down around 2007.  

Charles Edward HILL       
b. 7/15/1928 in  Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana  
d. 6/02/2004 in Bogalusa
Laid to rest in Hill View Cemetery in Bogalusa
Jessie Marie 'Jenkins' Hill    
b.11/23/1929 in Poplarville, Pearl River County, Mississippi        
d.9/22/1995  Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana       
Laid to rest in Hill View Cemetery in Bogalusa
Charles and Jessie married in Poplarville, Pearl River County, Mississippi on May 31, 1946
Children of this marriage:
George Edward Hill     b.10/18/1948 in Bogalusa         d.10/27/1974 New Orleans, LA in the
hospital a few weeks after being burned in a house fire in Slidel, Louisiana.
married Susion/no children
Charles Raymond Hill       
married Bonnie/children James Ronald, Charles Donald
married Debbie/children Shannon, Richard
married Pam/no children
Sarah Jane        
married Ronnie Humphrey/children April Rane
married James Lea/children Jay D, Brandy
married Doug Creel/no children
Charlotte Marie        
married Jerry Glen DILLON children Jerry Glen Jr., Crystal Marie