Pictures from Bogalusa, Louisiana  
after Hurricane Katrina
(These pictures were taken after most of the clean up had been done and the roads were open.)
Businesses and cars didn't make
out much better than homes.
This is a picture of one of the highways that
leads into Bogalusa. For miles and miles any
way you go from Bogalusa there is acre after
acre of pine forest on both sides of the
highway. Many acres of those thick pine forest
we grow for lumber now looks like this picture.
They say it will take at least seventy years for
our forest to recover.
These pictures kind of give you an idea of why weeks after Katrina, some people
were still waiting for power lines and phone lines to be fixed near their homes.
Help on the way. Duke Power trucks coming in all the way from Charlotte, NC.
More help came too, once the highways were opened, which took days.  Much of the help we needed didn't reach
Bogalusa for almost two weeks. On the left is a photo of boxes of food and water and other supplies. On the right
you see people waiting in line to get a hot meal that members from a church were preparing and dishing up.
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