Larious Elisha JENKINS
Margaretter TAYLOR
m     Andrew
m     A.C.
m     Alvin
f      Maggie (Manning)
m     Elisha       b.4/9/1872        d.11/11/1958 LA                   Louis Crain Cemetery  LA
m     George

Louise Rebecka HENLY   b.4/2/1892    d.6/14/1959 MS
f      Myrtle (Saucier)
f      Annie (Lee)
m    Joe
f      Estell (Mayfield)
m    William "Willie" Elisha     b.1/9/1904         d.6/20/1977 LA         Ponemah Cemetery

While looking through the 1911 reocrds for Isabel School, Ward 4, of Washington Parish, I found the below
children listed as those of Elisha Jenkins. Only first names, age, and sex was listed. I've used that to give a
year they were born, though it might be off by one year up or down.

Frank          16    m    born around 1895
Vanda          12   f      born around 1899
Joe              11   m    born around 1900
Rudolph       13   m    born around 1898
Andrew       14    m    born around 1897
Martha        10    f      born around 1901
Annie           7     f      born around 1904
Willie           6    m      born around 1905

William Elisha JENKINS
Augustus "Gussie" Mae LEWIS
m      Albert Cyrel     
f       Jessie Marie      b.11/23/1929           d.9/22/1995 LA
f       Margrtte Pauline      
f       Willie Gene       b.10/6/1934        d.
m     James Wilmar      b.8/6/1937            d.11/9/1992 LA
f       Lois Fermelia      
m     Baby boy        b.11/23/1944 LA            d.11/23/1944 LA
f       Joyce Faye    
f       Joe Ellen        b.5/11/1947             d.4/7/1991 LA
f       Connie Ray