The Just Because Page
This page's my Just Because page.
(Smile) Below you'll find a listing of links that I
found helpful, interesting, or thought others
might find useful. -- Find and print up coupons to help save money
on that next shopping trip. -- Another free place to print up coupons. -- Does a sexual predator live near your home?
There's a free search tool on this site that will allow you to type in your address
and see a map of your area with information on any sexual predator near your
home. -- The name probably lets you know what this site is all
about. I'm a diabetic, so I know how powerful information can be. You really need
to know how to eat and what your blood sugar numbers should be. -- This site gives parents information to help them
keep their teens, and even younger children, safe with hints about cell phones,
Internet use, and much more.

to use, and works great, even with a number of family members using it. Even
has reminders that can be sent for things you list on your calendar, like
someone's birthday or a doctor appointment. -- Makes paying a number of bills really easy. Lets you
pay a lot of things on line from one easy to use site, with just a few clicks, and
all for free. -- This is the best place I've found to get really cheap, but
really nice, business cards to use for business, or just to hand out to family and
friends so they have your cell phone number and address handy. -- Find out if your favorite television series is
on DVD yet, and if not, vote for it to be released on DVD. -- I lost my mother to lung cancer. It's a loss I
know I'll never get over. My husband started smoking as a teen, just like she
did. He battled to stop over and over, especially after her death, but it's a hard
fight. He won three years ago with the help of those nicotine patches. Sites like
this one can help you win too. --
Working on a website of your own. This place has a great cheat sheet for HTML
coding. -- This site has
information on food safety at home, for cookouts and even in the lunch box for
work. -- Do you have a way too long website address that you want
to share with someone? On this site you can paste in that long URL and it will
give you a little small one that works instead. -- A site with a lot of free animation graphics
you can use for your website or other things. Cute stuff. -- Self defense tricks and tips for women. -- Let's your kids search for stuff on line using info picked
for kids. Only G-rated pages included. -- Another kid-friendly search engine. With this one,
parents can even adjust the settings and set things up differently for different
age children. -- A great and easy way to send money on line for free. -- AVG Anti-Virus Free and AVG Anti-Spyware
Free are for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only. They are
both completely free and work great. Even my computer expert friend
recommended AVG over other virus protection out there. I've used it for years
with no trouble. There are paid versions of AVG that offer more and different
protection, so depending on what you use your computer for, you might decide it
better to go with the paid version or not. Just remember that any virus
protection is only as good as the updates. So, if you skip doing updates, you are
leaving yourself open for trouble. - Print up a free calender by month, even pick your style.

Hurricane Tips - These are some tips I put together after my little run in with
Katrina. I know that the old rules for preparing for a hurricane aren't going to
cut it when it's a Katrina type storm, so I hope these tips will give you an
updated guide to help prepare and keep your family and pets safe. If you want to
see some of my pictures from the hurricane or read some of the articles, just
click here. - Edward R Hamilton Book Store is a great
place to buy leftover stock of new books really cheap.  There are books on how to
write, books on history, cookbooks, fiction, you name it. Some are a little cheaper
than other places, but a lot are half price or even less. You have to mail in your
order, but they only charge three something for shipping, no matter how many
books you get. I've ordered from this place for years, through the free catalog
they will send if you ask, and I've never had any trouble at all. and - are both sites that can help you
figure out an illness, learn about medicines, and lots more.

Picasa - Google's free photo organizer. An easy way to share and manage your
photos, even upload them to your blog.

Big Stock Photo - Need a picture for your website or newsletter? Find one here