Henry William LEWIS
Cynthia Strahan        Cynthia's parents might be James STRAHAN and Rebecca Jane PERRY
m     Robert William     b.8/2/1875     d.12/4/1950 MS       George Ford Cemetery
m     Henry Kenion     b.10/16/1888        d.3/22/1953 MS   George Ford Cemetery
    LA. PVT CO K 163     INF 41 DIV      World War l
m    John
m    James "Jimmy"
m    Clavin

Robert William LEWIS
William "Willie" Henry Zechariah LEWIS    b.2/22/1887     d.5/30/1929 MS   George Ford Cemetery
f     Frankie
f     Augustus Mae     
f     Cynthia
f     Leonia
f     Lillie
f     Minnie
m   Chester
m   Robert
m   Charles
f     Eva Lee
f     Millie
William Henry Zechariah LEWIS was a woman, my great grandmother. She was a LEWIS before she married. Her
parents were James Washington LEWIS (b.1822) and Missouri SMITH. I was told James' father was also Washington
LEWIS. I know nothing else at all about James and Missouri.

William Elisha JENKINS
Augustus "Gussie" Mae LEWIS
m      Albert Cyrel     
f      Jessie Marie      b.11/23/1929          d.9/22/1995 LA
f       Margrtte Pauline      
f       Willie Gene       b.10/6/1934        d.
m     James Wilmar      b.8/6/1937           d.11/9/1992 LA
f       Lois Fermelia      
m     Baby boy      b.11/24/1944 LA    d.11/24/1944 LA
f       Joyce Faye    
f       Joe Ellen        b.5/11/1947      d.4/7/1991 LA
f       Connie Ray

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My other LEWIS line, mentioned above, from my great grandmother's side. It is still pretty blank.

Washington LEWIS born sometime before 1810?
James Washington LEWIS b. 1822?

James Washiangton LEWIS b. 1822?
Missouri Smith
f William "Willie" Henry Zechariah LEWIS b.2/22/1887     d.5/30/1929 MS   George Ford Cemetery
Below are the three little markers next to the above big one.