Bugsy. He showed up here on
March 8th, 2000, full grown.
He came up to me crying.  I
tried to get him to go on, but
he wouldn't, so he's still here
and it's been at least three
years. He is a sick baby
though, and has awful
seizures that he has to have
meds for every day. As long as
the med counts are good, he
goes months with no trouble
at all. The meds do make him
hungry all the time, so he is a
little -- well a lot -- chunky. He
comes in at nearly 30 pounds
at times, when he should be
about 20. He gets few treats or
table food because of his
weight. Still, he's also really
spoiled with hugs and love
since I get so upset when he
has one of his really bad
seizures. Plus I'm with him
almost every hour of the day.
He can only be left at home
alone for an hour or so, just in
case he has a seizure and
doesn't come out of it on his
Lucky. He has been a part
of our family since March
1998. We named him Lucky
because he was lucky we
found him when we did. He
was bald and covered with
sores, starved until he was
pot bellied, and probably
about five weeks old tops. It
was going to freeze that
night, and we found him
just before dark in my
mom's driveway. We knew
he would have never made
it through the night if we
hadn't found him when we
did. He is such  a
sweetheart, though his bad
start in life did leave him
with some health issues.
He's had to have a tumor
removed form his ear and
has skin trouble, his blind
too. He's 15 pounds of

On December 7th, 2012,
just under 15 years after
becoming part of our family,
Lucky was laid to rest
under an oak tree in our
Ren. This was another
puppy we found. I think
around 2002, maybe
2001. The poor baby
had been beaten so
badly that even though
we've had him for so
many years, he still
flinches away if you
raise a hand quickly or if
any thing makes a loud
sound. He also can't be
around strangers. So if
company comes, we
have to put Ren out or
in another room
because it scares and
upsets him so. He also
is fearful of bags or
boxes, or any thing new
he suddenly finds in our
home. Thankfully he's
not a large dog,
weighing a little over 30
Bingo. He has been with
us the longest. I've lost
count of the years, but
we've had this little taco dog
for at least sixteen years.
He's 6 pounds of boss. We
got him because my mom's
dog had puppies, and Mom
was going to sell them, but
my daughter, who was
maybe four or five at the
time, begged for this one
until Mom stopped listening
to my no's and gave him to
her any way.  Of course he
thinks he's mine instead of
my daughter's. We lost
Mom to cancer in
September of 1995. In 2008
my daughter was in her
third year of college, and we
still have our little Bingo,
even if his age is catching
up to him.

** On June the 10th, 2009,
we lost Bingo. I can hardly
remember him not being a
part of our home or of our
family. It hurts too much to
even type this. **
Tap.  The smallest of our
large pack. Even smaller
than Bingo, only 4 pounds.
I think he is full grown
though. As you can see by
the picture, he is a little
thin, but doing so much
better even though we've
had him less than a month
as I write this. When I
found him on April 24th of
2005, he was so starved
you could see every bone
in his little body. He was
so weak, that he couldn't
walk without falling down.
He does have a hurt hind
leg, but is on his feet
running and playing like
nothing ever happened.
Don't let the size fool you
either. He thinks he is the
biggest and meanest thing
around here.  (Smile)

Update **  2010. I was
right about tap being full
grown. In fact,  he's gray
now, so I guess he wasn't
young at all when we
found him. :-)
Max. He is one of our
bigger dogs at over
seventy pounds. Too bad
he thinks he should be a
lap dog. All of that long
hair means we have to
keep him inside under the
AC all summer. He
belonged to my sister, who
lived up North at the time.
Max was born on April
10th of 2000, and was
about five months old
when she called and told
me she would drive him all
the way down here if we
would take him. Seems he
liked to kill her chickens
and ducks, and to dig up
every flower she planted.
My daughter was having a
fit for a Siberian Husky at
the time, so I gave in. He
is actually part Siberian
Husky and part Malamute.
We've had Max for many
years. He might be huge,
but he's loving and gentle
with the other dogs.
Clover and Red. What a pair they are, and they are a pair. They were friends on the street
for months. Clover a mixed Catahoula Curr, and who knows what else, and then Red, a mixed
Chow. Red was old and wise. I had spotted him here and there for at least a couple of years.
Clover was still a pup, less than a year old, but full grown mostly. Red took Clover under his
paw, but even with the knowhow Red had, they weren't doing very well. They were both thin,
Red was matted badly. When I took them in Red had been shot in the hip and Clover had been
hit by a car. I knew Red and Cover didn't have much time left on the street before their luck
ran out. I also knew they were big dogs, wild dogs, and that I had too many dogs already. And
yet I couldn't stand by and watch them die or be killed. So.... I opened the back gate to my
yard, and after a lot of trying, I managed to tempt them in with food. When I shut the gate
behind them, Red went crazy, running into the fence, trying to escape. It took more than a
week before I could get close to him, a few more days before I could touch him. Lots longer
before my husband could. Clover was young enough that food and a good petting were too good
to pass up, so he was a push over. They are still in the yard together. Red can't be around
other dogs. But him and Clover love each other. They both love us, and as you can see, they
are doing great! They have even learned to sit on command, though to be honest, Red is better
at it than Clover, as you can see by the pictures above. So much for not being able to teach an
old dog new tricks.  (Smile)

Update ** On the evening of January 23rd, 2006, Red passed away. I can't tell you how bad it
hurt my heart. I only had him for a couple of years, and after the hard life he had lived before
he came here, I had hoped to give him so many more good years before his time was up. He
was a wonderful loving dog who spent too long waiting for someone to love and someone to love
him.  Thankfully we hadn't lost a dog for years before him, and maybe it will be years before we
lose another.**
Donate to the Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society of Louisiana or
Louisiana SPCA and help save a life or just make one better.
Kane.  When I lost my dog Red, I swore I wasn't going to get another dog. After all, we have
seven--SEVEN--so we didn't need eight again. The idea is to have less, not break even. (Smile)
I can't tell you how hard it was when we had to leave after Katrina, to travel with that many
dogs! Since losing Red, I've seen strays, had people try to give me dogs, and even saw one
stray that looked like Red that really pulled my heart strings. Through it all, I stood strong. No
more dogs! And then... On August 19, 2006, my husband and I had gone to Wal-Mart to get
some things, including dog chews and dog food. We had two bags of dog food, so one was in
the buggy and the other was under it. A stray dog, a puppy really, came up to us just outside
the store and began to follow us. I fastened my eyes straight ahead and refused to even look
at the puppy. Before we reached the truck he had got ahead of the buggy and was smelling
the bag of dog food under it. A few more steps and he was biting at the corner of the bag,
trying to tear it open to get at the food. We kept going. When we got to the truck he stopped
too, then went to work whole-heartenedly on the paper bag of kibble. I had those chews in the
buggy, so I tore the bag open and tossed the poor pup one. He grabbed it up happily while my
husband--who could no doubt see the danger of where this could go--rushed to get our stuff
into the truck. The puppy only gave the chew a few seconds before he decided correctly that it
was a hide chew and not real food. With determination he turned his attention back to the bag
of dog food under the buggy.  With my heart breaking, I told my husband to open the bad and
pour the puppy some food out. Of course then I was afraid someone might hit him with a car if
he were standing there in the parking lot eating and maybe not moving because he didn’t want
to leave the food, so we decided against pouring out some food for the pup. My husband tried
to put that last bag of food into the truck and the puppy tried to follow it into the truck. I just
couldn't stand it.  To make a long story short. We left with our stuff and one puppy. He keeps
Clover, Red's old friend, company in the big back and side yard. He's eating a lot, loves to play,
and I think is going to be a huge dog in a very short time. Clover is so happy to have a
playmate again, since the other dogs are all inside dogs and he only spends time with them
when they go out or I let him in for a little while. Kane looks like he has a number of breeds in
him, including Boxer. I'm not so happy about having a puppy again. They chew on everything.
(Smile) And yet he already feels like part of the family.

Update ** 2010 - Kane didn't get as large as I thought he would. He and Clover each weight 53
pounds. They are best friends. Kane is a special dog. I think maybe he was hit in the head by
a car...because his brain just doesn't work right. You can tell him no a hundred and two times
and he will still do the same thing. He is loving and gentle though, so who could ask for more.
How long does a dog have to
wait around here to get food?
There was just something about this dog though, we ended up driving back later that day. He
was still there, and he came home with us.  He was like looking at Midnight or Sarge, all over
again. That was on March 2, 2007. They said he was around six weeks old at the time. In this
picture he's six months old and so spoiled...but then all of our dogs are spoiled rotten. He's too
big for the kitchen chair, but seems to not notice. He was trying to sleep in the chair and kept
putting his head on the table to try and find more room. (smile) I think he was meant to be ours.
It turns out he has seizures. We already have two dogs with them, so we are well trained in how
to handle them and the constant 24/7 supervision it takes to keep them safe. As I write this his
seizures are still mild enough that he doesn't need daily meds like Bugsy, but we know with the
kind of seizures he has, it's only a matter a time. Thankfully our little dog Tap, has the kind of
seizures that will probably mean he never needs meds. The bad thing is that the meds cost a
whole lot and the larger the dog, the more it cost. I don't know how we ended up with three
seizure dogs in our home at the same time, but we love all three of them.
Pup. I know, Pup isn't much of a name, but when we took in this stray
lab-mix, he was only supposed to stay until we could get him tame enough
to find another home for him. He was full grown, but we could tell he was
less than a year old, so he was still a puppy. The name seemed to fit well
enough until he could be put with someone else and get a real name.  To
catch him, we just left the gate open and used food to get him into the
yard -- like with Red. That was on October 22nd, 2009. He had been
hanging around outside our yard for probably at least a month, maybe
even double that. After he was in the yard, we worked really hard at
making friends with him, getting him to trust people. We kind of had to
blow some of that a week later when we gave him his first shots. It took
four of us to corner him and hold him to do it. He didn't seem to mind the
shot, but he sure didn't like us touching him and holding him trapped.
Him being over 70 pounds, it wasn't easy. He fought, but didn't try to hurt
us. It was days before he would let us get too near again. We put him on
heart worm meds, finished his shots, and worked all the harder to turn
him into the kind of pet that we could find a good home for. We even found
him a home, but couldn't get him tame enough for the lady to take him on
the two-hour ride home, or even get near him because he has learned to
trust us, but doesn't seem willing to hand out that trust to anyone else. In
the end, we decided he had a home, and we'd just keep working with him.
He still has problems if you try to restrain him in any way, but he doesn't
have a complete fit. In fact, we've been working with him on a leash, and
plan to take him walking outside the fence for the first time soon. I know
one day he'll decide that all humans don't hurt.
Korin. I've had a couple of other labs over the years.
One, Sarge, way back when my kids were smaller.
Someone had given him to us, and come to find out he
had heart worms bad when we got him. We had him too
short of a time. Years later we found a couple of lab
puppies on the street near our home. We were able to
find a home for one of them, but when we couldn't find
a good home for the other, he became part of the family.
We named him Midnight. Sadly, we only had him a few
years. We've always wanted another lab.... Then one
day we saw this lab pup in a cage with his brothers and
sisters at a feed store. They were free and looking for a
good home. This little male just pulled at us. We knew
that he had a chance at a home though, so we left
without him. We already had too many dogs, and we
tried to only add to our family when we found a stray
that we couldn't find another home for.
Jade isn't a young dog. She is such a sweetheart though. She'd
been in our lives a good while before we took the above picture.
My husband is a runner, and that's how he found her. Well, how
she found him. He used to jog at an area that's a few blocks from
our home. He'd jog down to the place, jog there for how ever many
miles he had planned for that day, then jog home. She started
meeting him there, and jogging with him. One day she did twelve
miles with him. She'd jog home with him too. She'd hang around
outside the fence and beg at the gate, but we ignored her. The
next time he'd go jogging, she would show up again and follow him
back home. Then she started showing up here even when he
didn't jog. She was bothering neighbors and really just trying to
find a home. You could tell she was a people dog. We watched for
lost dog ads, put out word about her, sure someone was looking
for her. When that failed, we started trying to find her a home.
When we couldn't, my son took her. Him and his wife work long
hours, and so Jade ended up being alone a lot. This was
something she didn't agree with. She started jumping his five-foot
fence. She had had pups before, and wasn't fixed, so he got her
fixed to make sure there wasn't more pups. They kept her a while
longer and tried everything to keep her in the yard. Finally I
started keeping her at my house during the day while they
worked, and they'd come get her when they got home. After a few
weeks, it got where they had to drag her home. By that point she
had gotten up to over 80 pounds, it wasn't an easy job. Finally
she was trying so hard not to be taken home one night, that I told
them just to let her spend the night and get her the next evening
since one of them would be off for the weekend then. Long story
short, Jade became a part of our pack around the start of
February 2009. And even though we also have a five-foot fence,
she's never once jumped it.
                          Fun Time

The below pictures are just some funny or cute pictures of our dogs.
Korin sleeping. Yes,
he's really asleep.
Max cooling off in front of the AC.
Korin, Bugsy & Tap
taking a little nap.
Remember that your pet should be a part of your family. It's not a toy to play with or show off when
you feel like it. It's not a chair or piece of art to ignore. It shouldn't be chained up 24 hours a day,
shut up alone, or left without food or water. It needs a place out of the sun when it's hot, a place
out of the snow or rain when it's cold. Don't leave it in a hot car or stuck in the sun in the summer. It
should be given its shots, watched for fleas and ticks, and if it's a dog, given monthly heart worm
meds. Remember there are too many unwanted pets around already, so please have your pet
spayed or neutered unless you know there is no way your pet will be adding to the pet population.

If you can't afford vet prices, there are farm supply stores that have the shots, usually a seven or
eight in one for dogs, for less than ten bucks. Ask and they can tell you how to give it. There are
also lots of low-cost and sometimes even no cost, spay and neuter programs out there. Here, our
humane society does dogs for 45 dollars. (Cats are cheaper.) That means for less than 55 bucks
you can make sure your pet has its shots so it doesn't die from a preventable disease, and make
sure it is fixed so more animals aren't brought into a world that already has more than it can take
care of.

For your dogs, heart worm meds are a must. If your pet goes outside and there are mosquitoes in
your area, you are risking your dog's life if you don't have it on these meds. You can get the meds
on line from
Canada without orders from a vet. Unless you have as many dogs as I do, it's not
going to be that big of cost. If you wait until your pet is sick with heart worms, the cost for
treatment is really high, it's painful for the dog, and there's a good chance your will lose him anyway.

Remember if you see or know of a pet that isn't being taken care of, fed and watered, given
shelter, or is being abused in any way, you could be that pet's only hope. It can't dial a phone to
call for help, or speak and tell someone when it's hurt or thirsty or too hot. You can!
It actually snowed here. The
dogs had a ball. :-) Well, the big
ones did. The little ones mostly
just wanted to stay in where it
was dry and warm.
Above: Korin isn't as brave a
swimmer as Jade and Pup. When
the water began to push him away,
he grabbed the leash and let dad
pull him in.
On the left: The water is a great
way for our labs to cool off after a
summer walk. I think two of them
like playing in the water almost as
much as the walk.