RRC Group Rules
Welcome to the Romance Readers Community list. Romance readers and writers are all
Please take a moment to review the rules and info below. You might want to also
check out the Romance Readers Community Home Page here...

If you are a writer, or just want to write, look into the RWC groups for romance authors. http:

A few rules:

No flames! None! Never! I expect everyone to play nice and be respectful to each other.

Highlight and delete! This means trim your reply. It's easy. When you reply to a message
on list please delete unneeded sections or at least down to only the single message, the post
of one member, you are replying to.

Subject lines. If you reply to a post, but change the topic, please change the subject line. If
you are on digest, you always have to change the subject line if you hit reply. If you send a new
message in, don't leave the subject line blank.

No Spam! Not Any! Please don't place ADS or SPAM on the list – even those dealing with
romance books.

Contests. You can share info about contests here as long as they are free to enter, offer a
prize, and are being held by a romance author, a romance publisher, a romance readers’
site, or something else to do with romance novels. Do start the subject line with the tag,
CONTEST:. (Please don't send in the same message repeatedly or close together. Once a
week about one contest is more than enough. Repeated messages will be rejected and if it
happens often, you may be removed from the group.)

Promo. You can share promo if it's about a romance book and it's your own book. Do start
the subject line with the tag, PROMO:. (Please don't send in the same message repeatedly or
close together. Once a week about the same thing is more than enough. Repeated
messages will be rejected and if it happens often, you may be removed from the group.)

Some topic tags....

Banger -- A book you read -- or tried to read -- and wish you had your money instead. (This
isn't a chance to tear down or flame an author just because you don't like her. This is for
honest dislike of a book, and the reasons why.)

Great Read -- A book you really enjoyed. What you enjoyed about it - if there was anything
you didn't like about it.

Keeper -- A book that blew you away. That you won't even mind reading over and over. Tell us
why you think it is so great.

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To learn more about the RRClist group, please visit

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to

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FAQ About the RRC Group
1)  I just finished a great book. Can I write a review-type message about it and send it in to
the group?

Sure can. I do ask that it's an honest review and not just promo for a friend. Also, please be
respected and don't trash the author. You can tactfully point out what you didn't like about the
book and explain why. Make sure you include the book's title and the author's name in the
review, but please don't include a link to buy the book. Members know how to look up info on
a book if they wish to buy it. (Not having the link there helps us stick with the no promo and ad

2)  I'm holding a
contest on my site, can I share the info with members?

If the contest is free, and the site is about romance writing or a romance author, please share.
Members love the chance to win something. Who doesn't?  (Smile)

3)  I have a
new e-mail address.  How do I change it with my groups so I can get messages
at the new address, or even at more than one address?

You can do it the hard way, and unsub from each group with the old address and resub to
each group with the new address, or you can do it the easy way. (I always say go for the easy
way if there is one.)  The easy way: Go to any Yahoo Group home page, sign in, then click on
My Groups. The link for it can be found near the top of the page. Next you click on My Email
Preferences, then Add Email Address. You can follow the directions on the screen to add
your new address, a second or third address, or even remove an address. To pick which
address you want each group's messages to go to, you can click on My Groups, then on Edit
My Groups, and then use the pull down menus there to pick which address or addresses you
want to use, and even to pick how you want those messages delivered. When done, don't
forget to click on Save Changes.  By the way, the address for a Yahoo Group's home page
can be found at the bottom of any message that comes through to that group.

4)  I sent a message to the group almost an hour ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet.
Should I

Not yet. Almost always, any message sent goes through. Sometimes they don’t show up in
your own in box, but reach the group page and everyone else. So the first thing to do is to
check the group page and see if your message is there. If not, wait at least a few more hours.
Sometimes Yahoo has glitches that can slow down messages by hours. If you wait and notice
that other messages seem to be coming in to the group fine, then it’s time to resend. This
shouldn’t be a problem that you have to deal with often. More often than not messages pop
through to the group within a reasonable time with no trouble.

5)  Can I use
e-mail commands to change my membership settings?

Yes, sure can. Simply take the sub address for the group… RRClist-subscribe@yahoogroups.
com and change the command word in the middle of it to fit the command you want. So if you
want to stop getting messages for a while, you would send a blank message to RRClist-
nomail@yahoogroups.com.  If you want to switch to daily digest you would send a blank
message to RRClist-digest@yahoogroups.com. If you want individual messages you would
send a blank message to RRClist-normal@yahoogroups.com.

6)  What is

With daily digest instead of getting each message individually as it is sent to the group, you
will get about 25 of them in one message file, usually only once a day. It makes it really easy
to scan through subject lines and pick which messages you want to read or skip for those
who have very little time for an active group like RWC, but still want to take part.

7)  I tried to
send a file through to the group, but it didn't work. Why?

All RWC groups are set up so that no HTML or attachments can be sent through them to
members. This is a safety net to protect members from computer viruses.

8)  I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks and need to
stop getting messages. Can I
do this without leaving the group?

Yes, you can by going "no mail". You can change your mail setting from the group's home
page here,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RRClist, or with a simple e-mail command. See
question number 5 for info on how to use e-mail commands.

9)  The rules say
no flames. I’m new to on line groups, so what is a flame?

A flame is an attack on a person or their opinions. A flame is a message sent with heat to it,
anger, or sharp words.  It’s a message sent without thought or caring for the person you are
replying to or for others in the group who will have to see it. Tension isn’t a good thing for any
group. RWC is a warm, friendly place for writers, so flames are never welcome.

10)  Why does it matter if I
forget to trim sometimes, or if I trim only half way?

Because if you forget to trim, and then the next member leaves in your whole message and
doesn't trim, and then the next member, by that point it would be a very long message and a
bunch of posts from members all mixed into that one message. It would also make the digest
a nightmare for those who get the daily digest.

11)  Why am I still on
moderation and how does moderation work?

All new members are set to moderated when they join any RWC group. This means that when
that member sends a message to the group, that message comes to me first, off list, so I can
see it before it hits the main group. Being moderated isn’t a problem for members.
Moderated messages are checked off and on all day every day and put right through. This is
the way I block spammers, as well as make sure that new members took the time to read and
understand the rules. Members are left set to moderated until they have posted enough for
me to be sure they understand and are willing to follow group rules. Once I’m sure of that, they
are removed from moderated and their messages go right to the group. Unless they fail to
follow the rules, or send in flames or spam, they stay set to unmoderated. My goal at all times
is to have as very few members set to moderated as I can. Moderating members is a lot work
and takes a lot of extra time that I just don’t have, so we both want the same thing.

12) Are authors allowed to do a question and answer session on RRC?

Yes. If you have a romance book published, please contact me using the
contact link here are
the one at the bottom of the page, and I'll see about setting up a few days for you to climb into
the guest seat and answer questions. Thanks for sharing your time.