RWC-Moderators Group
First Things First: If you are a new moderator or helper
for RWC, or an old one just checking back,
thank you so
much for offering the helping hand and the time that help
will take from the other things you could be doing or taking
care of, like your own writing. I know better than most that
this is a hard job that you get no pay for and little thanks.
You'll get a lot of messages if you mess up or if someone is
unhappy, but few when you've done a great job or things
are going well.
Yes, even moderators have rules. And guess what, it gets worse, they even get
reminders. (Smile)

If a moderator breaks a rule, or makes a mistake, I send that person a reminder just like
they send members reminders when they break a rule. I know that no one likes getting
reminders, and I really hate sending them to anyone, especially to moderators since they
are there offering their help and time freely, but of course there is no way things will work if
I don't send a reminder if you make a mistake of some kind, or if you don't understand a
rule, unless you become a mind reader. (Smile)

If you send a member a reminder because her sig file is four lines long, and you tell her it's
over the limit, but the actual rule allows six lines, then if I don't send you a reminder about
the rule, how will you know next time? Not to mention how confused the poor member will
be.  (We want members to follow the rules at all times, but we don't want to confuse them or
make it hard for them to understand or follow the rules in any way.)  So, if you send in a
reminder BBC to the mod group, but didn't leave the message and member info in that BBC,
if I don't remind you that you need to always do that, then the odds are, you aren't going to
remember to include it the next time either. What if you send a reminder that has some
words in it that seem kind of curt or hard? Since you wrote it with the best intentions, the
only way you'll know that someone else reading it might take it another way, is if I point it
out...or if a member snaps at you because she feels like you snapped at her, or maybe she
will just leave the group with hurt feelings without saying anything. We never want to hurt
feelings are push a member away who really was trying and just wanted to take part in the

In other words, since I've made a short story long, it's my job to make sure that moderators
don't make repeated mistakes, that they understand the rules inside and out, and that they
always send reminders correctly, that they are gentle with members, just like it's your job to
make sure that members don't keep breaking rules. So please take any reminder I have to
send you as a helping hand not a wet noodle, and here's hoping all members take your
reminders with as much understanding and try as hard as you do to get things right.  

How do moderators keep in touch and know what each other are doing when it comes to
the RWC groups? After all, each group has more than one mod over it.

We, the moderators, are lucky enough to have our very own Yahoo group. The
RWC-Moderator group is set up only for moderators and helpers of the RWC writing groups
and the sister reading group, RRC. When you become a mod, I'll sub you or send you an
invite to the mod group and Yahoo will send you a message about it. If you are reading this,
that might have all happened already. (Smile)

When you need to ask a question or one of us needs to share info, we send a message to
the mod group with the subject
tag MOD: in the start of the subject line. Please remember
to use that tag with
every message you send to the mod group, unless it's a BBC reminder
from a member. Also please read every message that comes through to the group with MOD:
in the subject line.

It also doesn't hurt to at least skim reminders that come in for any group or groups you
help moderate, just so you know what's going on. If you are new, it's best if you read a few
days' worth of these reminders to get your feet wet, before you jump in. Moderating is a
hard job and takes a lot of know how, and the remembering of a lot of rules and info, as well
as a gentle hand and a tough skin. Kind of like writing.

Every time a moderator sends a reminder or answers a question for a member about the
group, she sends a
BCC of that message to the mod group. That way all moderators know
what's going on, and we have a copy of your contact with the member in case there is any
need for it.  This protects the group, the members, and the moderators.

With the help of the mod group, the right hand always knows what the left is doing, or has
done, and vise versa, even if the left hand is in one country and the right is in another.

Why do moderators even need the rules and info I've typed here?

Simple. This thing of a number of us all coming together to handle a set of groups can't
work if all moderators and helpers aren't always on the same page, always following the
same rules, and
being consistent at all times. One moderator can't say or allow one thing
with members and another moderator want something different from them. Members would
soon leave just out of pure frustration because they just wouldn't be able to figure out what
was right and what was wrong, and I wouldn't blame them.  

Some sections of the info below is set up only for moderators or helpers of a certain group.
You can skip over those sections if you aren't a helper or moderator for that group. Other
parts, like the first one below, is for all moderators and helpers.

Please refer back to this page, and or the rule page for the group or groups you moderate, if
you are
ever unsure of something or think you might have forgotten something. If you still
aren't sure, feel free to drop me a note and I'll help you in any way I can. You can also ask
on the mod group. (Do remember if you ask there to use
MOD: as a subject line tag at the
start of the subject line so we know it's a question or comment for mods and not a BCC of a
reminder. If the question is about a post from a member, please make sure to
include that
post, header and all
, in the body of your message, below your question, so we can see the
post without going in search of it.) Sometimes even another moderator will answer or help.
In fact, all BBC reminders and messages should have the complete message you are
replying to in the body of the message, always. This includes the whole header, with the
senders address, the date, the group sent to, the subject line, ect... and the completely
untrimmed message.

I try to watch the reminders that mods BCC to the mod group and make sure that no one
misunderstands a rule or is making mistakes, but I might miss a message sometimes, and
asking or looking it up if you are unsure saves me having to send a reminder to you and
saves the member wondering if we even know the rules ourselves. hehehe
Yes, we do have
to know the rules, all of them, forward and backwards for this reason.
Don't worry
though, it's not that hard. The rules hardly ever change and are mostly just common sense
things to keep the groups running smoothly, so it shouldn't be too hard to keep up with
them. If members can learn them and follow them to post now and again to the groups,
since we have to mod the groups every day and use them all the time, we should be able to
do so with little trouble.

Are you listed as a mod on the groups where you should be?

(Near the bottom of this page you will find a listing of all moderators and helpers and what
each are signed up for. If you are listed any where you didn't mean to be listed or if you can
no longer do the job you agreed to do, or if you want to be added to something else as well,
please let me know. Thanks again for your help.)

Here's how things work on the Yahoo mod group...

1) All posts and info sent to and through the mod group are considered private and only
intended for those there -- the moderators and helpers. Please don't forward or discuss the
messages with anyone who isn't part of the mod group. That includes people who step down
from being a helper or moderator and leave the group. If a member is giving us a lot of
trouble and we have to discuss how to handle the problem, it wouldn't be fair or right for
any one of us to take that info and share it with someone else or somewhere else. No telling
tales out of school. Smile

2) When you send any message as a moderator to a member,
please ALWAYS BCC that
message to the mod group
address with the original text and header from that person left
in it so there is a record of the message you sent a reply about, as well as what you sent
and the header of the original message the member sent so we can see clearly which
member sent the message, that member's e-mail address, and to which group the message
was sent. This way other moderators will see if there is a member who has a habit of not
trimming or of starting flames, or just seeming to do blatant promo. You will also have that
message on the mod group page to look back at if you need it to see who you have sent the
same reminders to before, or for any other reason. Please note if you reject a message or
send a reminder from the group page, you will have to copy and paste the header separately
since it isn't part of the body of the text on the group page. If you do it through your e-mail
program, the header should be in the body of the message with the other text and you can
just copy it all at once.

Cheat Sheet for Reminders:
a)  Make sure all of the original message is left in your reply so the member can see her
complete message and so can the other mods since you will be sending it as a BBC to the
mod group at the same.
b)  Make sure the
To: field is addressed to the member's address, not the group her
message was sent to. If not, the reminder is going to go to that group. The member it was
meant for might not even see it, and you've just sent an untrimmed message intended for
one person to the group. Which means you just broke at least two rules yourself. (Smile)
And you risked embarrassing a member or making them feel uncomfortable.
c)  Make sure the
mod group address is in the BCC: field so the mod group gets a copy of
the reminder so other mods don't repeat it and so we have a record of it. This is very
important since there are a number of mods on each group and reminders go out even for
messages that have already posted to the group, not just to those who are set to
moderated. The BBC means that the member getting the reminder doesn't see the mod
group address.
d) Which brings us to this: Yes, you have to
send reminders even to unmoderated
. Anytime a message goes through to the group that breaks a rule, that member
should be sent a reminder. That means you really moderate all messages, even those that
go right through to the group.
Always edit the subject line so it contains something other than the original subject
which the member might just scan over and delete thinking it is only a group reply. Remove
the group subject tag that Yahoo adds, like RWClist, leave the rest of the subject line, and
then at the start of it add something that fits the reminder like... RWC Reminder, RWC Trim
Reminder, RWC Message Not Posted, or what ever explains that reminder. Please place it at
the start of the subject line so it's the first thing the member sees, and please don't use all
caps since that is yelling and can make even a nice reminder seem harsh.
f) As you
write your reminder, always remember to explain both the problem, the rule, and
the corrections, unless it's someone who has been a member and probably just slipped, or
it's someone who has already had this explained to them. Makes for longer reminders but
that can't be helped. After a member has been reminded a few times about the same thing
or things, save your fingers and let those reminders get shorter and to the point.

3) Please remember the rules are enforced the same for all members, published or not, and
routine reminders shouldn't be harsh or curt or rude. Smiles and tones don't come
through in messages so short and to the point messages or certain wording can really come
across in a way that you don't mean. Members will then either get mad or upset and not
post, or be scared off from posting. Neither is the result we are after. Of course helpers and
moderators should get the same respect back too.  (If you have reminded the same member
of the rules a couple of times recently, or if that member snaps any time you do have to
send a reminder, then short and to the point is fair.)

4) Members of the mod group should always keep their
messages set to individual and not
digest. There aren't that many messages through the mod group and when a message does
come through, it could be something that needs to be handled right then. The same setting
should also be used
for all RWC groups that you moderate. You can not be a good
moderator if the group mail you are supposed to watch is set to digest so you get it a day
after the members. That would be like trying to put out a spark after it has already set the
whole forest aflame.

5) If you find that you aren't going to have the time or be able to do the work you
volunteered for,
please let us know instead of just leaving the group or not doing your fair
share. If at all possible, please try to give us at least a week's or so notice before you leave
so there will be time to find someone to take your spot and maybe for them to get the hang
of things.

Now that all of that is behind us, I just wanted to quickly thank you again for offering your
help and spending the hours you will helping RWC and her sister groups continue to be the
great groups that they have come to be known as.

By the by, it's fine to be a little social on the mod group and get to know each other. After
all, when it comes to the RWC groups, we have each other's backs, so to speak.

                                  More Info For All Mods

If you edit a message for a member, send a reminder from the approval message that
Yahoo Groups sends to your in box. Simply click to open it, once the message is opened, hit
reply and it will put the poster's e-mail address in the To: field. You'll have to put the mod
group address in the BBC: field yourself. (This is how Outlook Express works. If you use
another mail program, things will probably work different. I use gmail too and I know it just
puts the message in the body and I have to delete all of the Yahoo stuff and change the
subject line and the to field, which explains why I like Outlook Express better when I have
to handle a lot of group mail.)

If you have your mail set where it includes the original message in your reply, it will all be
there too. If not, simply copy and paste it there. The reminder should explain what you
corrected and why, like that you trimmed for them and how to trim other replies. Anytime
you edit a message for a moderated member, they have to be told about the edit and the
rule and a BBC copy of that message sent to the mod group.

Since all groups have more than one mod and since Yahoo doesn't always send every
message through to moderators, it's a good idea to
check the group page at least once a
day for messages
. That way you can glance quickly and see if there is anything there
waiting, or if someone else has already taken care of it. Plus, if Yahoo doesn't send a
message, you still catch the waiting message or member and can handle it. On the slower
groups if one message or member is sitting there waiting, it could wait for days or longer
before another message would have you checking the site. (Plus you can only edit messages
from the group page.) You can set up your My Groups page so the groups you moderate are
listed first. That way a click glance at that one page will show you if any messages or
memberships are pending for the groups you moderate. You will need to go to the group
page anyway to edit messages, like when you trim a reply or a sig file, or correct a subject
It's really best to handle all messages from the group page because that way you
don't waste your time with stuff other mods have already taken care of.

If a member has been sent a couple or so reminders about trimming, her long sig file, or any
other rule, then you don't spend your time editing any more messages for that member. Any
message they send in that breaks the rules is rejected with a short note explaining that
once they trim, shorten their sig file, or what ever the problem was...that they can resend
their message to the group address. A BBC of that message needs to go to the mod group
too. By the way, when you go in to edit a message, you can click on Edit Membership to see
how long that person has been a member, which will help you know if she should know the
rules by that point.

There has been some misunderstandings about moderating. Members who are set to
moderated have to have messages approved, so you get to see their messages first and
make sure they are okay and follow all rules before they go on to group. New members and
members who break the rules should stay set to moderated until they follow the rules with
a number of posts.

All messages have to be moderated though, like I mentioned above in a place or two. By
that I mean even the messages of members who aren't set to moderated. Their messages
just go right through to the group and you don't have to approve them, but you do have to
scan them, check that subject line, that sig file, see if they are trimmed, on topic for that
group, allowed in that group, and so on. If a message breaks any rule, then that member
gets a reminder and it needs to be sent here too.

If a member flames, spams, or sends in the digest, that person needs to be set back to
moderated that moment. If you remind a member a couple of times about a rule, and she
does it again in the very next message she sends, or if you remind her a few times and she
follows the rules a couple messages, then doesn't a couple messages, then follows a couple
and so on, she gets set to moderated also.

The goal is to have as few members as we can set to moderated, but having members who
don't know or won't follow the rules set where their messages just pop through, causes
more work in the long run. If a member sees others do something, then they do it. Plus, if
members think someone gets away with things that others get a reminder for, it causes
hard feelings of it's one set of rules for everyone.

If you c
hange a member to unmoderated don't pick -- **Messages posted by this member
are not moderated.  If you do and then if for any reason we change the group settings as a
whole, that member will stay set that way. Instead please pick -- **Use current group
message posting setting. That will move the member to unmoderated, even if they are brand

On list reminders can be sent with a ADMIN: subject line tag. This are only a good idea if
it's something that you know will start a lot to following, like a message that you know is
going to spark all kinds of heat, or a social topic or any topic that will bring a lot of replies
but doesn't belong on RWC. On list reminders are also great if you find yourself sending a
lot of reminders out about the same thing. Say if you notice you have had to send out
double the trim reminders in the last two or three days, then pop one off to the group

Try to
keep all reminders friendly, remembering that smiles and even jokes don't come
through in messages like face to face. Of course the friendly starts to fade if you have to
send more than a couple or so reminders to the same person about the same thing, or if
that person has a habit of snapping any time you send her a reminder, or such. New
members some times just need a little extra help. Once in a while we'll even actually get
someone who has never belonged to a group before or doesn't even know what trimming is.
The goal isn't to scare people away, or make them afraid to post, it's just to get them to
follow the rules so the digest is easy for members to use, things stay on topic, and members
don't find the group a waste because it's just mostly junk they aren't even interested in.
When you do send a reminder, include the message the reminder is about, but if you do so
from a message that came in to be approved, please trim away the
Yahoo group owner and
moderator stuff
. That would be the section that shows the info the moderator needs, like
the e-mail address to reject the message or the group address to click on to approve the
message, ect.... That information doesn't need to be forwarded to members. Also, remember
to change the subject line and add something like RWC Trim Reminder, RWC Message Not
Posted, or RWC Sig Reminder, ect... And delete what ever else was there.

Rejecting messages.... You don't have to actually reject them to not put them through. I
often just delete them and then reply to the message Yahoo sent for approval, sending to
the member with a note about the message not being put through and why, ect....

If a member is having trouble with posts and needs to
send in a test or to try a few times to
figure out how to get things right, if that member is not set to moderated, switch them to
moderated before they do any tests. That way the whole group doesn't have to deal with the
test messages and the digest isn't messed up if it's a big problem. When the member is set
to moderated, you can go in and check each message she sends and bounce it back so she
can see what hasn't worked so far.

New memberships should "almost" always be approved. At least 99.9% of the time.  I like
to get everyone at least a chance unless there's just something in the request that is
majorly off, like porn, or I'm ten and would like to join, or ect...  (All members have to be at
least 18 to join because of some of the topics that come up on a romance writing group, so a
person mentions in the request that she or he is under 18, please reject the membership
and send the person a nice note explaining that members have to be 18 or above to join.)
Since all new members are set to moderated, and the groups are set up where members
can't go in and just click on something a get a listing of everyone's e-mail addresses, unless
there is a huge red flag like I mentioned above, just approve the person and wait and watch.
To be honest, usually the spammers join through e-mail and add no comments at all. It's
also gotten where those are few and far between now. At one time it was very common stuff.

If a
new member sends spam -- I've seen it sent for porn, dating sites, ect... -- don't reply
to the person. Don't reject the message even, just delete it. Then remove the member and
ban that address. This is only for "true" spam. Not just for people who join and then try to
push their book or their author site. Those messages don't get put through either, but don't
remove the author or ban her. Just delete or reject the message, and then send a note as to

If you are ever unsure about any message for any reason, please let me know and I'll check
it out.

The critique group and the main group never really need a kick to get going, but the other
groups really do. If  you are one of the mods over one of those dead groups, remember to
stir things up at least once in a while. Of course what kind of message you send should fit
the group and start topics that belong there. Sometimes a starter works, and sometimes
not. All you can do is try now and then and see if anyone bites. (Smile)

If I skipped over anything you don't understand or if I confused you about something, just
drop me a note and I'll do better. (Smile)


                 Info for Main RWC Mods

The main group is the largest and most active RWC group. The group rules pretty much
cover everything you'll need to know about the main group. Because of the size of the
membership, it's really important that members stay on topic and follow all group rules. (Of
course it's important on the other groups too.) On the main group's rule page you will find
info on the normal rules, promo rules, and more. They are explained in good detail.

                 Info for Critique Mods

When you approve messages for the critique group, along with making sure that member
doesn't owe a critique before they sub, you need to check the message and make sure it
follows all of the other rules, including formatting, word length, all caps for critiques,
trimming the chapter out for a thanks, detailed helpful critique, genre, ect....

Always make sure the
subject tag is correct. The counter uses those to help her and
members, and us moderators often have to go back through messages and need those
tags.  If someone slips, correct the subject tag for them, and then send them a reminder,
pointing out if they left sub in as the tag for a critique that they might not get credit for the
critique and even have it count as a sub. If you correct a number of subject lines for any
member, then start rejecting their messages with a note that they need to correct the
subject line and resend to the group address.  If they aren't set to moderated, then just
send them a reminder, setting them back to moderated if they repeat the mistake.

If a member sends in
a critique that isn't done in all caps, send it right back to her with a
note explaining that it has to be redone in all caps in line edit form following the group rules
and then resent. If it was from a member not set to moderated, which should hardly ever
happen since all new members are set to moderated, send her a note off list that the
critique will not count and why. Then drop the counter a note about it to make sure she
catches the problem.

Watch for members who do
hit and miss critiques. They do critiques where there are long
sections of mistake that they don't comment on, they kind of add a word or two in a couple
or a few places, trying to make it look like they put in some effort, and then send it on.
There was one member would always only critiqued the first half of the chapter, never
putting one comment in the bottom half of any. Another member actually copied critiques
that others did and sent them in as her own. It's funny the work some members will do to
get out of doing a couple of critiques. If you notice a pattern of a member who seems to luck
up and always get chapters that she just finds almost nothing wrong with, but that you
notice others find enough wrong with, contact her and remind her that as explained in the
group rules, only very detailed critiques will be counted.

Keeping track of members who are behind in critiques. Our database keeper sends a list to
the mod group each month of members who are behind in critiques. I go in and make sure
those members are all set to moderated. If any of them try to post a sub, you simply bounce
it back to them with a note saying they are behind and telling them how many critiques they
need to do before they will be able to send in a sub. If that member had a -1 beside her
name on the list, that would mean she would need to do three critiques before sending in a
sub. The one she is  behind on, and then the normal two all members have to do to be
allowed to send in a sub. So it's the negative number listed by them and the normal
two...then they can send in one sub. It can be good to remind them that most members do
extra when they have the time or don't have any of their own work to send in, so they stay
ahead so it's not a problem. The simplest way to keep up with who is behind and make sure
they don't post a sub is to print out the list of those behind when it comes in to the mod
group each month and then watch for any posts from those members. If they send in a
critique, and say they have a -1 by their name, mark out the one and write in something so
you remember they still owe the normal two. If not, they'll send in a sub and be two behind.
I know it's a pain, but it's the only way to keep up with the members who don't want to do
their fair share.

New members often need extra watching. So when you see a request to join the group come
in, make note of the address even if another mod approves it. Watch and make sure that
member sends in two critiques that follow all of the rules before she post a sub.

            Oh, Those Reminders

(When you send a reminder to a member, always change the subject line so it will be
noticed by them. Something like, RWC Trim Reminder, RWC Reminder, RWC Message Not
Posted, ect... What ever fits the reminder you are sending.) If you don't, and leave the
subject line as is, there's a good chance the member will scan the subject line and think it's
simply another group post or maybe even a message for someone else, and move. So the
subject line is important. So is using the members name in the message.

Don't forget any time you send a reminder, you
send a BBC of it to the mod group, and
make sure the member's message and header is in the body of that reminder...below the
reminder. That way the member can see how her message was sent, and all the other mods
will get the BBC and see the message and the member's name.

Before you send a reminder, edit a post, or post yourself,
make sure you understand the
group rules
for that group. The best place to read the most recent copy and detailed copy of
the group rules, in the easiest format complete with working links and a FAQ section is to
read them from the RWC page on my site. There's a main page to give you the set up of
things, then links and info to each and every RWC group, including each groups own rule
page and FAQ section. Find all of that info and more here...

Sample Trim Reminder (For new members, members who haven't posted before, or
members who haven't had a reminder in a long while.) In this situation you edit the
message for them, post it to the group, and then send them a reminder like the below.
Don't forget any time you send a reminder, you
send a BBC of it to the mod group, and
make sure the member's message and header is in the body of that reminder...below the
reminder. That way the member can see how her message was sent, and all the other mods
will get the BBC and see the message and the member's name.

The subject line would read something like... RWC Trim Reminder or RWC Message Trimmed

  Hi Member's First Name,

         I put the below message through to the group, but
         trimmed it first. As explained in the group rules,
         all replies sent on list have to be trimmed. That
         means trimming away the header all but the single
         from line that gives the sender's name and or e-mail
         address, trimming away the sender's sig file, and
         deleting most of the body of the text, leaving just
         the few lines of it that most point to what your reply
         is about. You can see your trimmed post when it
         comes through to the group and use it as a sample
         for other replies. You can also find the complete
         group rules by following the rule link to the main
         group that you can find on this page...

         Thanks for your help!

         Sign your name and included your e-mail address
         You can add moderator or co-moderator if you like

Of course you can word the reminder in your own way, but it should cover every thing the
reminder above does, including explain the problem, the rule that was broken, what's the
correct way to do it, to check the group page to see the edited post and to use it as a
sample, and the link to the rules. Also, when you trim that message for the member, make
double sure that you follow the trim rules, and all other rules, exactly, so they have a good
sample to use. Of course since you are a mod, you should know the rules and follow all of
the time. Smile.

With new members or members who are getting a first reminder, you want to be as helpful
as you can. With any member, you want to be as polite as you can. This means
how you
word a reminder is very important
. The way you mean it when you write something and
the way a member who is getting a reminder might take it, might not always be the same
thing. So word choice is important. This means using things like "from now on make sure
you follow the rules" or "Please make sure you review the rules before posting again" ect...
might come through to the member as curt or hard edged, when you honestly didn't mean it
that way. Remember when a member gets a reminder, she might already be upset about
getting what most call a slap on the wrist, so she might take things the wrong way more
easier than normal. We don't want to hurt people's feelings, make people afraid to post,
anger people, or run people off.

Of course if you have sent the same member
more than two or three reminders in as
many days
about the same rule, then switching to short and sweet is fine. The text after
the member's name could read something more like...

         Hi Member's First Name,

         I trimmed the below message correctly and sent
         it through for you. When it post to the group, feel
         free to use it as a sample for any time you reply
         on list.
        You can find the complete group rules by following
         the rule link to the main group that you can find on
         this page...

         Thanks for your help!

         Sign your name and included your e-mail address
         You can add moderator or co-moderator if you like

After one or two of those reminder, then the preferred method is to
delete the message
from the pending message page
, so it doesn't post to the group, then send the member a
reminder with a complete copy of her message, header and all, in the bottom part of the
message. The reminder's subject line would be changed to RWC Message Not Posted. That
way the member knows right off that her message wasn't posted to the group. The reminder
would be more like....

           Hi Member's First Name,

          The below message was not posted to the group
           because it was not trimmed. Please trim the message
           correctly and then resend it to the group address so
           I can see that it is put through for you.

          You can find the complete group rules by following
          the rule link to the main group that you can find on
          this page...

          Thanks for your help!

          Sign your name and included your e-mail address
          You can add moderator or co-moderator if you like

If a member says something about her not seeing
why it's important to trim, here's a
standard and honest reply as to why trimming is important. You can do a copy and past of
it, or put it into your own words.

Tight trimming is important because we have lots of members set to digest, which means
they get a number of messages sent together as one file. It's a real headache to have to try
to skim through repeated long passages of text just to find the few new sentences that have
been added. We have members who still use dial up, or have limited in box space, so bigger
files can be a problem for them too. Other members have to deal with hand problems from
years of writing, like corporal tunnel. Some members just don't have the extra time to skim
through lots of repeated stuff. Besides, trimming is just considered good net manners in a
group setting. :-) You can find a link to each RWC group's rules on the RWC page here....

Over the Limit Sig File

RWC has a six line limit for sig files. I edited your sig file this time and sent it through to
the group. You can see it in the message when it comes through.


** Changed Sub to Crit in subject line for member

I put the below chapter through for you after I corrected the subject line. Please remember
when you send in a critique you have to delete SUB and type in CRIT. If not, you might not
get credit for the critique. You could even have it counted as a sub against your counts. I've
found it helpful to make a habit out of simply double checking the subject line before you hit

** Wrong tag went through for critique group

Please remember when you send in a critique you have to delete SUB and type in CRIT. If
not, you might not get credit for the critique. You could even have it counted as a sub
against your counts. It's usually best to make a habit out of always double checking the
subject line before you hit send, no matter which tag you are using.

         Info for WS & Q&A Helpers

We have writing workshops and Q&As on the main RWC group for writers, and author Q&As
on the RRC group for readers. WS & Q&A helpers contact people and invite them to do a
workshop or Q&A. If someone agrees to do a WS or Q&A, the helper checks the Calendar on
the mod group page to see which dates are open, and then contacts the person again and
gives them the dates and sees when they would like to set it up--this can be done weeks
ahead, even a couple of months or more ahead. As soon as you get a date, please send me
the date and the name of the person who will be doing the WS or Q&A and, if it's for the
main RWC group, what the topic will be. I'll add the info to the Calendar to make sure no
one else sets any thing up on the same date. I'll also set up an auto reminder for Yahoo to
send to the mod group a few days before the event is to begin. The helper who sets up a
WS or Q&A serves as the host for it and collects needed info from the person giving it, like a
bio and intro.

Workshops or Q&As on the main RWC group should only cover writing topics that would be
helpful to romance writers. They always start on a Wednesday and last at least three days
but no more than six. A Q&A on the main RWC group can't be just an
ask-the-author-whatever thing, but has to have a topic that the author is covering. Like
maybe a historical romance author would do a Q&A on how to do research while a
paranormal author might do one of how to develop paranormal characters. Helpers may
invite an agent to do an ask-the-agent-whatever Q&A that doesn't center on a topic, but the
agent has to be a well known agent with a good track record. The same thing goes for
editors, as long as the editor is from a big-time well-known publisher. (In the case of inviting
an agent or editor, please always contact me before you contact them. I'm picky about
agents and editors because I don't want anyone who might be below standard fishing for
new writers on RWC. There are just too many new writers there and I'd feel responsible if
an agent or editor came into the group and some of the writers signed with someone they
would have been better off without just because that person reached them through RWC.)

Q&As on the RRC group are author promo really, a chance for a romance author to reach
out and interest a few more readers. They are ask-the-author-whatever events. They always
start on a Friday and end on Sunday night, so they are short. The authors usually offer a
couple of free books or something like that as a prize for members who ask questions
during the Q&A. Winners are most often drawn randomly by me from those who did ask a
question, unless the author wants to handle it some other way.

         Form Welcome for RRC Q&A Guest

The little section below is a from welcome you can copy and paste and use for authors who
have agreed to do a Q&A on RRC. It explains everything they need to know on what to send
you, how the Q&As are handled, about using the subject tag, the sub addresses, and more.
It should be sent to each guest after their date is set up for sure.

                                 *      *      *
Thanks so much for taking the time to do a Q&A with the RRC group. I'm sure our readers
will enjoy your short visit. By the way, it doesn't have to be short. Feel free to hang around
as a member after the Q&A is over. We have as many
writers as we do readers.

RRC Q&As always begin on a Friday and end on the following Sunday, so they are short. If
you can, start Friday morning and hang around until Sunday night. If a question comes in
Sunday night after you are done, or Monday and you are still around, feel free to go ahead
and answer if you want.

When you get ready to join the group, send a blank message to...

At least a few days before your Q&A is supposed to start, please send me your author bio.
You can also send the blurb from your book and or an excerpt from it. I'll put it through to
the group at least a day or two before your Q&A begins. Only plain text can be sent through
to the group, so that means I can't use cover pictures and such.

When you send in the bio, please also let me know if you will be giving away a prize or
prizes, how many and what they are. Winners are selected randomly from those members
who send in questions for you during the Q&A. The winners will be announced on list and
given your e-mail address so they can contact you off list about the prize and give you what
info you need so you can get it to them.

Like with any guest spot, it's a good idea to spread the word to your friends and fans so
they can show up and support you. That way you know you will have some questions asked
even if members are being shy or slow. Many authors announce their up coming chats
through their newsletter, blog, website, ect... It helps to supply the RRC sub address as
well as to mention that you will be giving away a prize. This helps you and helps RRC grow
bigger so there are more members there for the next author, and even more members for
your next guest spot. Yes, you are welcome to do a Q&A again on RRC. I do ask that they
be at least three months apart though. That way you might have a new book to promote or
at least there will be some new readers there for you to reach, which is the whole idea.

Since other messages might come through RRC while you are doing your Q&A, please use
Q&A: at the start of your subject line as a tag. That way members who are following the
Q&A will be able to keep up and you won't have to deal with all messages that come through
the group, but only those that have the Q&A tag at the start of the subject line.

When you post your first message on Friday for the Q&A, make it a friendly hello intro that
let's members know you are there and ready to go. You can include promo info in that
message, like the link to your site, to your blog, to join your newsletter, ect... For all other
messages you send it's a good idea to include a sig that gives members info like a link to
your website and the title of your book.

To post a message to the group, send it to

Thanks again for doing a Q&A for members. If you have any questions or problems, please
let me know.
**RWC Main Group

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Toni - toniwhiston
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Carol - puzlqueen57
Charlotte - charlottedillon


Cat - PurrfectSolution
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Charlotte - charlottedillon


Toni - toniwhiston
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**RRC -- Romance Readers Community

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Helpers for.....

**Weekly talk prompt for main group.
Toni - toniwhiston

**Weekly writing prompt for prompt group.
Charlotte - charlottedillon

Line up people to do writing Q&As or workshops for
the main RWC group, and author Q&As for the RRC
readers group.
The person who lines up the Q&A or
workshop also steps in as the host throughout it.
Charlotte - charlottedillon

**Set challenges for the challenge group. And/or make
a list of goals members set and post them to the group at
the start and end of the challenge.
Cat - PurrfectSolution
Charlotte - charlottedillon

**Database keepers and counters for critique group.
Counter - Toni - toniwhiston
Database Keeper - Angela - ajefferson10
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