Okay, not sure you can call us staff, since no one gets paid. Smile. Any the who, on this page
you can learn a little about the volunteers who help me run the RWC groups. I did it for many
years alone, but it just became too much for any one person to do. Sometimes it's too much
for any ten people to do.  Smile  Soooooo...if it weren't for the lovely volunteers below, there
wouldn't be an RWC group still around.

By the way, we are always
looking for new help. The only qualifications required are that you
are an RWC member, you have time to help, you follow group rules, you can make sure others
do, and you can send polite reminders when they don't. You could also do something other
than mod, like set up and run writing how-to Q&A's or workshops on the main group, set up
and run challenges for the challenge group, or host an author Q&A on the RRC group. Oh,
and you have to be willing to work without pay for any of the above positions. Smile.

Now scan on down and meet the staff -- my right hands.

Regards and Happy Writing,
Resources for Romance Writers
Meet the Staff
MJ used to speak and write French fluently, but it's a little rusty,
since she hadn't visited her Quebecker family in more than ten
years. One of her favorite things to do is to read. She loves books-
from science fiction to the classics. But her favorite genre is and
always will be romance. She started to become an avid reader from
the time she received her RIF card at age 9. The  first romance book
she read (at age ten) was a teen romance. So fascinated by the
genre, she began to write her own stories when she was 15. Most of
the stories ended up being incomplete. Now, she is taking her
writing more seriously. Currently, she is working to get several
manuscripts published, which will be published under the pen
name of Sydney P. Berns.  
Contact MJ.