RWC Prompt Group Rules
Welcome to the RWC Prompt Group. PLEASE take a few moments to read the
information on this page before you begin posting
. I know most people would
rather just jump in, but the information below will in the end save you both time and
trouble since it explains what you can post, how to post, and all of the group rules.
Once you understand the rules and the how to, feel free to post an intro to the list if
you like, so we can learn about you and your writing. If you have any questions or
problems let us know. (If you need more details or info about one of the rules, check
the rule page for the
Main RWC Group, where there's a section of more detailed
rules on trimming, sig files and more. Note: Some rules and info there apply to that
group only.)

Need to contact one of our moderators with a question, click here.

How the list works and what we do:
I send a writing prompt each Monday. They are all fiction prompts that will
encourage you to write a scene that would
fit in a romance novel. No non-romance
allowed, this includes no erotic writings. For the purpose of this group, romance is
defined as the love story of one man and one woman, both adults, who become a
couple and find love and their happy ever after together. Members write a scene in
answer to the prompt I send -- up to five scenes per member per weekly prompt.
One scene per message. No scene should be more than
2000 words long.

This is free writing, fun writing, so
ONLY POSITIVE, encouraging comments like,
that was really great, or I love the path you took with that, or that piece really
grabbed me, ect... are allowed. In other words, if you can't say something nice, don't
say anything at all. This is the place to write without fear, without editing, without
second-guessing yourself. This is the place to let the words pour, to have fun, to
take what I start and just write what ever comes of it. Nothing can kill free writing as
quickly as knowing someone is going to try to edit it or critique it for you. Don't get
me wrong, I think critiques are very helpful but a prompt list just isn't the place for

Mostly the writing done here should be done for yourself, to help you write
something new, get back in the swing of  things, or just to have fun. Sending them
in here lets members see where others took the same prompt. It's fun to see how
one little idea can be turned in so many directions.  

RWC does have a critique list for those romance writers who are looking for critiques.
To join send a blank message to.

There are also lots of other critique lists and groups out there. As well as the chance
for one on one critique partnerships through a listing I send out to the main RWC
group each Saturday.  To join the main RWC group send a blank message to.

How to Post Your Scene to the Group:
You can write your scene any where you want. Word, Word Perfect, ect...or in the
body of an e-mail message.

If you write it in the body of an e-mail message, start off by making sure your
message is in
Plain Text format. Add the correct subject line, add the group address
where it goes, then write your scene in the body of the message. As you do, simply
skip a blank line between each paragraph instead of using indents. When you go to
send your message, check the subject line again, the address field again, check the
formatting of the message to make sure you skipped
those blank lines and you are done with your scene, then look one more time and
make sure you are sending in Plain Text. All good? Then hit send and you are all
done. Sounds like a lot of steps, but it's easy, quick, best to double check, and you
can count on your message getting through and others being able to read it with
Without those blank lines, the text runs all together, and if you don't send
your message in Plain Text, some of your letters get replaced with off marks.
things make a scene too hard to read.

If you write your scene some where else, like in Word, ect... then just write it like
normal, with the indents. If you add blank lines at this time, they will usually leave
once you paste it and hit send, so don't waste your time. After you finish writing
your scene in normal manuscript type format, then open a blank message and make
sure it's set to Plain Text. Now you are ready to copy and paste your finished scene
into the body of the message. Take a couple of moments and go through the scene
once it's in place in the message and skip a blank line between each paragraph.
Follow the other steps in the paragraph above, the stuff about the subject lines, the
address, the double checking, and when all is right, hit send. All done.

Now The Other Rules:
1) No flames! NONE! Never! In other words, play nice. Members should feel free to
post to the group without fear of flames. No put downs, personal attacks, insults,
ect... No posts that would be thought of as inflammatory, degrading, disruptive,
malicious, bashing of anyone or anything, ect.... No posts on religion, politics, ect...

2) Trimming. Highlight and delete! It's easy. Trim any post you reply to on list. What
should be in your reply is your text and little else. The little else is a few short lines
from the body of the message your reply is to, and the single from line that let's us
see the name and or e-mail address of the person that message was from.  

Untrimmed messages will not be posted to the group. So trimming saves the
moderators from having to send you a reminder and you from having to resend your
message. It's a win/win. (Also, please make sure if you do leave some of the text
from the other message in, that it's clear which part you said and which part came
from someone else. We don't want to make it look like someone said something they

3) Subject lines. No message should be sent without a topic header in the subject
line.  If you reply to a post, but change the topic, please change the subject line. If
you are on digest, you ALWAYS have to change the subject line if you hit reply.

4) No Copy & Paste! Do not copy anything from a newsletter, website, or another
e-mail list and post it to any RWC list without asking the author first. The no copy &
paste rule & copyright law works both ways. So, please,  never copy a message or
part of a message from any RWC group and forward it, post it to your blog, put it on
your site, or share it anywhere without the full knowledge and consent of the writer
or writers of that message. It's against RWC rules, Yahoo Group rules and copyright

5) No Spam! No ads! Not Any! Please don't place ADS or SPAM on the list--even those
dealing with writing. No harvesting of e-mail addresses. No blatant promo. This
group is for writing prompts only.

6) No Chit Chat -- If you like to be social with other writers, RWC does have a sister
group just for that. So you don't have to give that up. To join, send a blank message

7) No Off Topic Posts -- This means messages should be a scene done from the
prompt starter that was sent in, or a reply to one.

8) Signature (sig) lines. No sig file should be more than the generous six lines we
allow. The first line should be your name (first or nickname is fine) and e-mail
address. (We all like to have a name to use when we reply to a message, even on list.
And we need the address in case we want or need to reply off list.) Please set up
your sig file in Plain Text. If not, you will have to use a much shorter sig file, since
lines might double or split. The six line count goes by how the message comes
through to the group, not how it was sent. (By the way, messages should not be
sent through to the group with confidentiality notices or such attached to them.)

9) You can not send in chapters or any writing other than a scene to the week's
prompt starter to this group. This group is for romance fiction only. You can also not
do critiques here. This is a group for fun writing. We do have a Critique list though,
for posting chapters and getting critiques. To join, send a blank message to:

Breaking of the Rules -- I know, I know, a lot of e-mail lists send a welcome message
full of rules when you join....but you soon notice that no one in the group seems to
follow them and no one says anything about it. That is NOT the case with any of the
RWC lists.

RWC is a really large group, so rules are important if people are going to enjoy being
members and not get overwhelmed with messages. New members are set to
moderated when they join...which means a moderator has to okay each message that
is sent before it goes to the list.  This helps block spammers too...since we don't let
their messages get through. If a new member does break a rule, like not trimming,
moderators almost always correct the message and send it through, then send that
member a reminder message off list letting them know what was wrong and how it
was fixed so they'll know the next time. (If a moderator has to correct a
message for you, like trim it, trim your sig file, or remove a section that is promo or
off topic, it will be done so at the moderator's discretion.) Sometimes a moderator will
even do this a couple of times or so for a member, since we really want you to enjoy
being part of RWC. But after that, we're going to reject the messages that come in
from that member breaking the same rule we've explained to them. Once the member
corrects the message, following group rules, they are free to resend.

If a message is spam, or flames, or such, then it gets rejected right off. We reserve
the right to remove members from the list for spam, flames, or refusing to follow
group rules. If a member post messages that show they know the rules and are here
to take part in the list, and not spam or flame....then they might be removed from
moderated after a time. (Sometimes members are left moderated just because it's
hard to always keep up with who has posted correctly how many times.) If any
member breaks the rules, or seems to like to post flames or stir up trouble....they
will be set back to moderated without notice.....if it's because of flames or
spam...they may even be removed from the list, though moderators will bend over
backwards and try their best to work with everyone.  Moderated is usually good
enough...since then we can check any message from that member before it hits the
list. The only time you will send a message that isn't put through, is if it breaks a
rule or is something that should have been sent off list to a moderator.

Please know that our goal for RWC is to have as few members set to moderated as I
can. It's a lot more work for moderators if a member is set to moderated, but since
there are a number of moderators helping out now, sometimes it's just hard to catch
who's been good. Smile. It shouldn't be a big deal though, since there are a number
of moderators over each group, message usually get posted pretty quickly and any
message that doesn't break a rule is put through as soon as possible. During the
day that might mean within moments of it being sent it has been approved. Of
course sometimes Yahoo holds on to things for a bit. Just one of those glitches.

Please Note: If you break a rule and we catch it...and we usually ARE going
to get a reminder from one of the moderators, either off list or on. Please take it as a
helping hand as it is intended, not as a slap to the hand. If you break the rule again,
or another rule, you are going to get a reminder. If you've gotten a reminder and you
still break the rule, your message is going to be rejected and sent back for you to
correct. This isn't being mean, it's just a matter of numbers. There is about one
moderator for every few hundred members, so you can see why each member has to
do her part and follow the rules.

To learn more about the RWCprompts group, please visit

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to

If you do not wish to belong to RWCprompts, we would hate to see you go, but if you
must... you may unsubscribe at any time by sending a blank email to

You may also visit the Yahoo! Groups website to modify your subscriptions:

I give the below info in case you ever need to resub...or have a friend who would like
to sub..... To subscribe to this group, send a blank email to

FAQ About The Prompt Group
1)  I sent a message to the group almost an hour ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet.
Should I resend?

Not yet. Almost always, any message sent goes through. Sometimes they don’t show
up in your own in box, but reach the group page and everyone else. So the first
thing to do is to check the group page and see if your message is there. If not, wait
at least a few more hours. Sometimes Yahoo has glitches that can slow down
messages by hours. If you wait and notice that other messages seem to be coming in
to the group fine, then it’s time to resend. This shouldn’t be a problem that you have
to deal with often. More often than not messages pop through to the group within a
reasonable time with no trouble.

2)  Can I use
e-mail commands to change my membership settings?

Yes, sure can. Simply take the sub address for the group… RWCprompts- and change the command word in the middle of it to fit
the command you want. So if you want to stop getting messages for a while, you
would send a blank message to  If you want
to switch to daily digest you would send a blank message to RWCprompts- If you want individual messages you would send a blank
message to

3)  What is

With daily digest instead of getting each message individually as it is sent to the
group, you will get about 25 of them in one message file, usually only once a day. It
makes it really easy to scan through subject lines and pick which messages you
want to read or skip for those who have very little time for an active group like RWC,
but still want to take part.

4)  I tried to
send a file through to the group, but it didn't work. Why?

All RWC groups are set up so that no HTML or attachments can be sent through
them to members. This is a safety net to protect members from computer viruses.

5)  I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks and need to
stop getting messages.
Can I do this without leaving the group?

Yes, you can by going "no mail". You can change your mail setting from the group's
home page here,, or with a simple e-
mail command. See question number 2 for info on how to use e-mail commands.

6)  The rules say
no flames. I’m new to on line groups, so what is a flame?

A flame is an attack on a person or their opinions. A flame is a message sent with
heat to it, anger, or sharp words.  It’s a message sent without thought or caring for
the person you are replying to or for others in the group who will have to see it.
Tension isn’t a good thing for any group. RWC is a warm, friendly place for writers,
so flames are never welcome.

7)  I have a
new e-mail address.  How do I change it with my groups so I can get
messages at the new address, or even at more than one address?

You can do it the hard way, and unsub from each group with the old address and
resub to each group with the new address, or you can do it the easy way. (I always
say go for the easy way if there is one.)  The easy way: Go to any Yahoo Group home
page, sign in, then click on My Groups. The link for it can be found near the top of
the page. Next you click on My Email Preferences, then Add Email Address. You can
follow the directions on the screen to add your new address, a second or third
address, or even remove an address. To pick which address you want each group's
messages to go to, you can click on My Groups, then on Edit My Groups, and then
use the pull down menus there to pick which address or addresses you want to use,
and even to pick how you want those messages delivered. When done, don't forget to
click on Save Changes.  By the way, the address for a Yahoo Group's home page can
be found at the bottom of any message that comes through to that group.

8)  Why does it matter if I
forget to trim sometimes, or if I trim only half way?

A few reasons. One, tight trimming is the rule ALL of the time. Two, as many
members as
RWC has, if even half of them start forgetting to trim sometimes, it would be a mess.
Three, those untrimmed or half-trimmed messages make the digest a real pain to get
through, and we have lots of members set to digest. Four, there are new members
often, so think of those new members who have their messages bounced back to
them for not trimming, and then right after their message is rejected, two messages
come in that aren't trimmed or that are only half-trimmed. That has to make those
new members feel like they are being singled out or picked on--and it doesn't make
me feel very good either since I'm the one who has to reject messages or send those

9) Can
I send in a prompt I made up?

Sorry, but I'm the only one who sends in prompt starters. I send in one each
Monday unless I send in a note saying there won't be one.

10) What
kind of writing can I send in?

This is a group for romance writers, so any scene sent in should be fiction and
fiction that could fit in a romance novel. No erotic writings allowed. For the purpose
of this group, romance is defined as the love story of one man and one woman, both
adults, who become a couple and find love and their happy ever after together. That
leaves a whole wide range of types of writing open to you, since romance novels
cover everything from paranormal to suspense and all kinds of stuff in between
Thank you so very much for reading the info on this page -- I and
much less stressful for all of us!  I hope you enjoy being part of
RWC.  That's really my goal for every single member.  If you ever
have any questions, feel free to drop me a note. There's a contact
link at the top of the page.

Thank you again for helping make things easy for our moderators
-- and for being part of RWC!
Copyrighted by Charlotte Dillon