RWC Social Group Rules
Welcome to the RWC Social list. PLEASE take a moment to review this message.

This group is for RWC members who want to branch off from writing subjects and
talk about other things. I will ask that members be respectful of each other, and
that there me no flames. Any subject that does become food for flames, will be asked
to be taken off list.

To learn more about the other RWC groups, or to look over the below rules and
other info about the group any time, simply check out this site
Resources for Romance Writers

1) No flames! None! Never!  Be nice. (Smile)

2) Highlight and delete! It's easy. When you reply to a message on list please delete
all but a few lines of the message you are replying to.

3) Subject lines. If you reply to a post, but change the topic, please change the
subject line. If you are on digest, you always have to change the subject line if you
hit reply. If you send a new message in, don't leave the subject line blank.

4) No promo. Not of any kind.

5) No Spam! Not Any! Please don't place ADS or SPAM on the list - even those
dealing with writing.

6) No Ads!

7) No hot button topics such as politics or religion.

To learn more about the RWCsocial group, please visit

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to

If you do not wish to belong to RWCsocial, you may unsubscribe by sending an
email to

If you need to resub or want to share the sub address with someone, it's

FAQ About RWC Social
1)  I sent a message to the group almost an hour ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet.
Should I resend?

Not yet. Almost always, any message sent goes through. Sometimes they don’t show
up in your own in box, but reach the group page and everyone else. So the first thing
to do is to check the group page and see if your message is there. If not, wait at least
a few more hours. Sometimes Yahoo has glitches that can slow down messages by
hours. If you wait and notice that other messages seem to be coming in to the group
fine, then it’s time to resend. This shouldn’t be a problem that you have to deal with
often. More often than not messages pop through to the group within a reasonable
time with no trouble.

2)  Can I use
e-mail commands to change my membership settings?

Yes, sure can. Simply take the sub address for the group… RWCsocial- and change the command word in the middle of it to fit
the command you want. So if you want to stop getting messages for a while, you
would send a blank message to  If you want to
switch to daily digest you would send a blank message to RWCsocial- If you want individual messages you would send a blank
message to

3)  What is

With daily digest instead of getting each message individually as it is sent to the
group, you will get about 25 of them in one message file, usually only once a day. It
makes it really easy to scan through subject lines and pick which messages you want
to read or skip for those who have very little time for an active group like RWC, but
still want to take part.

4)  I tried to
send a file through to the group, but it didn't work. Why?

All RWC groups are set up so that no HTML or attachments can be sent through
them to members. This is a safety net to protect members from computer viruses.

5)  I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks and need to
stop getting messages.
Can I do this without leaving the group?

Yes, you can by going "no mail". You can change your mail setting from the group's
home page here,, or with a simple e-mail
command. See question number 2 for info on how to use e-mail commands.

6)  The rules say
no flames. I’m new to on line groups, so what is a flame?

A flame is an attack on a person or their opinions. A flame is a message sent with
heat to it, anger, or sharp words.  It’s a message sent without thought or caring for
the person you are replying to or for others in the group who will have to see it.
Tension isn’t a good thing for any group. RWC is a warm, friendly place for writers, so
flames are never welcome.

7)  I have a
new e-mail address.  How do I change it with my groups so I can get
messages at the new address, or even at more than one address?

You can do it the hard way, and unsub from each group with the old address and
resub to each group with the new address, or you can do it the easy way. (I always
say go for the easy way if there is one.)  The easy way: Go to any Yahoo Group home
page, sign in, then click on My Groups. The link for it can be found near the top of
the page. Next you click on My Email Preferences, then Add Email Address. You can
follow the directions on the screen to add your new address, a second or third
address, or even remove an address. To pick which address you want each group's
messages to go to, you can click on My Groups, then on Edit My Groups, and then
use the pull down menus there to pick which address or addresses you want to use,
and even to pick how you want those messages delivered. When done, don't forget to
click on Save Changes.  By the way, the address for a Yahoo Group's home page can
be found at the bottom of any message that comes through to that group.

8)  Why does it matter if I
forget to trim sometimes, or if I trim only half way?

A few reasons. One, tight trimming is the rule ALL of the time. Two, as many
members as RWC has, if even half of them start forgetting to trim sometimes, it would
be a mess. Three, those untrimmed or half-trimmed messages make the digest a real
pain to get through, and we have lots of members set to digest. Four, there are new
members often, so think of those new members who have their messages bounced
back to them for not trimming, and then right after their message is rejected, two
messages come in that aren't trimmed or that are only half-trimmed. That has to
make those new members feel like they are being singled out or picked on--and it
doesn't make me feel very good either since I'm the one who has to reject messages or
send those reminders.