Welcome to the RWCcritique group.  We are so happy to have you become part of our
wonderful group of talented
romance writers.  But...**PLEASE!**  Please take a few
moments to review the rules in full
It's really, really important -- and it's really easy to tell when some one hasn't gone over
the rules.  (I've even set some things in
bold to help you spot them in case you need to
come back and find info on one rule later.)  After you read the rules, it's best to read
through the
FAQ section at the bottom of this page and to even look over at least a few
subs and critiques that other members have sent.  Also,
please note this is a real
critique group
. That means you won't be getting sugar-coated comments or half-truths
or great jobs when there isn't one. If you aren't to a point in your writing where you feel
you have a tough enough skin to handle an honest critique, then this isn't the place for
you. All work sent in needs to be well polished, no rough drafts, all critiques have to be
very detailed, and although they are honest like I said above, they are expected to be
thoughtful and helpful, not ever mean, nasty, or rude.

Need to contact one of our moderators with a question, click here.

 If you don't belong to this group and wish to join, simply click here.

I've tried my best to cover every rule, every how to, every question I think a new member
might have. I've even repeated some things a number of times throughout. Once you finish
reading the info I have put together here and a few of the posts from other members, you
should be able to jump right in with no trouble at all. If you feel a little unsure, sit back for
a little bit longer and watch a few more group messages come through. If something isn't
covered here, drop us a note and ask. The group owner address is listed below the rules
and the moderator link is above. A message sent to that address comes to me and all
moderators. You can also contact me from the contact form on my home page. If you use
the group owner address and don't get a reply, then please do use the form from my
contact page. Sometimes Yahoo doesn't send all messages through to the group owner
address. If you don't get an answer, we didn't get your message.

I know this page of rules and info is LONG, but every thing below is important if you want
to take part in this group. The rules and forms of critiquing and submitting and subject
line tags, are all "strictly" enforced. If you take the time to go over the rules first, it will
save you and our kind moderators a lot of frustration and wasted time. (There's only a few
moderators and we can't walk new members through each step simply because they
haven't or won't take the time to read and follow the rules.) It's probably best to bookmark
this page or at least save the link to it until you are sure you know all of the rules on how
to submit chapters and critiques. Even then, you might need to come back from time to
time to check on one. Each rule that is in place is here to help members and to help the
group work smoothly and to keep things fair. I want everyone to get a lot out of being a
member of any RWC group.

To change your mail settings, read old messages, check your counts in the database, and
more, please visit RWCcritique's Yahoo Group page at

To learn about other RWC groups, check out this page

         (At all times and under all circumstances, RWC management has
          final judgment on what falls within the rules and what doesn't.)

RWCcritique is a critique ONLY group. All work sent in should be targeted toward the
NOVEL-LENGTH or NOVELLA-LENGTH **ROMANCE** market only. That means your
finished story will have to be no less than 25,000 words.
No non-romance or short stories
allowed, this includes no erotic writings.
For the purpose of RWC, romance is defined as
the love story of one man and one woman, both adults, who become a couple and find love
and their happy ever after together.

Please read this article on the
Give and Take of Critiques before you do your first critiques.

Anytime you post to the group please make sure you sign the message with your name or
nickname and always your e-mail address. Members need to be able to reach you off group
to send you thanks, ask a question, ect...

Members can send in one chapter at a time--going by computer word count a chapter you
sub should never have more than
6,250 words in it. For each chapter a member sends to
the group, they MUST do TWO very
detailed critiques in return--these critiques are
always due BEFORE you send in your own sub. If you do not do your two critiques first, or
if you do critiques that don't follow the rules or seem to be done with little effort or
thought, you will be contacted about it and your subs will be blocked until you catch up
with critiques. We have a database and counters, so members can feel free to do several
critiques ahead of time if they aren't ready to send in another sub. It's better to be ahead
than to fall behind. (Detailed critique means there should be a detailed overview (doesn't
need to be in caps) at the start or the end of the chapter, letting the writer know what you
thought of the chapter as a whole, and then plenty, plenty of line edits in ALL CAPS
throughout the rest of the chapter from start to finish, pointing out the good, the bad, and
the in between.)

No rough drafts should be sent in as a sub. Any chapter submitted to the group should
be one that you have worked on and caught what you could. Members are here to do
critiques and to help others learn how to handle things they don't understand, to catch
pace problems and weak dialogue and all of those things we all need help with at some
point--they are not here to completely rewrite rough drafts because a writer doesn't want
to bother to learn basic grammar rules or proof read their own work. If members point out
these kind of basic problems in your first chapter, then please fix them in other chapters
before you submit them.)

Note: A
synopsis or query letter of your MS may be sent in and counted as a chapter. You
can send your query in with your last chapter and that way it just counts as one. The two
together of course have to fall under the 6,250 word limit. Also, if your synopsis is only
about five pages, and your first chapter is less than twenty....so your total count comes out
to less than 6,250 words....you can send them in together as one sub. The same if you
have a really short prologue and first chapter. All other chapters should be sent in alone.
Of course if you write really short chapters, then you can put them together in your own
file and just make sure you stay under the page limit. When your MS is finished being
critiqued, you can make changes in the file you write in and move your chapter starts and
stops around to the length and place you want.

Since this is a group for romance writing, and many romance novels have love scenes in
them, be warned that some of the chapters sent in to the group will contain sexual
content. BUT there is a limit. If your novel goes beyond the scope of romance novels and
into erotic romance, then it's beyond what this group covers and should
not be submitted
here. This means
no erotic or erotica of any kind is allowed. It's hard to describe what the
difference is in simple words, but we all know it when we see it. It's word choice, the type
of sex act, ect... See the main group rules for more details.

This is a critique only group, if you have writing questions or such, those should go
through the main RWC list...not here. To join the main list send a blank message to...

When you do a critique, try to make it as helpful as you can. Watch for little things, like
typos and grammar, but also for weak plot points, parts that slow the story's pace, head
hopping, stale dialogue, mistakes like eyes changing colors from one chapter to a later, a
sentence that you have to reread to understand, or anything at all that could make the
story stronger. Please make sure your critique is done with time and effort and more than
just a couple of critique comments. Only thoroughly done,
detailed critiques done in ALL
CAPS in line edit form will be counted
as a critique. I do mean DETAILED. Members
should put as much effort into the critiques they do as they put into their own writing.
Please read this article on how to
write a good critique. You'll find info there on how to do
the critique, what to look for when doing one, how to take getting one, how to word one,
and more.

For all you find wrong, look for what is right as well. After all, a spoonful of sugar helps the
medicine go down.   If you are looking at the worst story in the world, there is almost
always bound to be at least one strong point. We all like to hear what we are doing right,
so we don't think we are doing it ALL wrong. Especially when we get a critique that points
out a whole lot of mistakes when we thought we were near perfect writers.  (Smile)

Remember when doing a critique, those detailed comments need to be
critique comments,
not personal opinion comments. Your personal thoughts, kind of reader type thoughts are
fine, but don't help much and if that's mostly what's there, we aren't going to count it as a
critique. You are a writer giving a critique, not simply a reader. It's the critique comments
that should be the main part of your comments throughout the text of the chapter. There
are samples of what personal opinion comments are in the detailed rules below on this

In the end, to change anything in your story or not, is totally up to you. You are the writer.
It's your story. With that in mind, there's
no need to argue a point with someone. If you
disagree with a critique that is done on your story, then
just delete that part and move on.

I expect everyone on the list to be respectful to each other, and to act like adults. So, don't
be hurtful or cruel when giving a critique, and don't take it personally when getting one.

                           The Rules In Detail ---

1) Send in no more than one chapter at a time--remember no rough drafts. Chapters
should never be more than
6,250 words when you use your computer's word count. All
work submitted should be novel-length or novella-length work targeted toward the romance
market only. (You may place a SHORT bit of info about your story at the start of any
chapter, so members who didn't read chapters before it, will know who is who and what's
going on.)

2) Chapters should be copied and pasted into an e-mail message to send to the list. Take
note that ALL
formatting is lost when this is done. To make your chapters readable for the
group, after you paste them into a message, please take just a few moments to scan
through them before you hit send and
SKIP one line where each new paragraph should
start. That will leave a blank line between every paragraph. (Please have your e-mail set to
Plain Text and not Rich Text.) If there is a time break, or something where you would skip
a space in your MS, you can simply place three # pound marks to hold the spot. Of course
underlining is lost too, you can use the following... Text that has a * before and after it,
means it is underlined in the MS. Also, so others will know your whole chapter came
through, please type THE END at the bottom. Then there are no doubts. Sometimes Yahoo
Groups has been known to cut part of a chapter a way.

Note: Having your e-mail set to
Rich Text formatting instead of Plain Text can add strange
symbols in the middle of your text and make it hard to read or understand your chapter.

3) Make sure
your name and e-mail address are placed at the start of each message. That
way if anyone has any questions or wants to send you a thanks for a critique, they can
contact you off list. Lots of e-mail programs only show the group address when someone
hits reply, so including your e-mail address is important.  (Your
sig file should be no more
than six lines long.)

List messages are limited to
SUB:, CRIT:, COMMENT:, RESUB:, and NEWS:. If you see an
ADMIN tag, then that's a message from me or one of the moderators.  Please read any
ADMIN message. If you have a reply to an admin message, please send it off list to the mod
who sent the message.

SUBJECT LINES: Before you hit send, always take a second to glance at that subject line
and make sure it's correct. Subject line tags are VERY important. Sending in messages
with the wrong subject line tag can cause you to not get credit for a critique you did, or
even have it counted as a submission. Wrong subject tags cause messages to be bounced
back to you instead of being posted to the group, they cause more work for our counters,
and more work for the moderators, and more work for you. It's easier just to pause that
second and make sure it's right -- and that everything else is -- before you hit send.

Subject lines should always
look exactly like the examples below. Please don't add other
info or leave info out. Please don't put your subject line in all caps, but for the subject line
tag. The subject tag has to be first, the title second, the chapter number last. If you are
sending in news, then of course your subject line can be different...but news is the only
tag where the subject line doesn't have to look exactly like the examples I've done below.
Even then, NEWS: still has to be the first thing listed in the subject line.

In the subject line type SUB, the title of your MS, and chapter number.

SUB - To Love Always (Chapter Two)
SUB: To Love Always - Chapter Two

If you don't have a title, make up one.  Work can
not be sent in as untitled or without a
chapter number.

After you do a critique, before you hit send,
delete the word SUB from the subject line and
type in CRIT. Do not change anything else in the subject line unless it came through

CRIT - To Love Always (Chapter Two)
CRIT: To Love Always - Chapter Two

If your do not delete SUB and type in CRIT you might not get credit for the critique.

RESUB: If you send in a chapter and a week goes by and you don't get at least two
, please resend the chapter in a message with a note at the start of the text
explaining that is why. To make sure it doesn't count as another SUB against you, please
type RESUB in the subject line. (
RESUB is to be used for no other reason.)

NEWS: This subject tag is never to be used for promo, so it's not for you to let us know
your book is out or anything about a published or about to be published book. News is for
just what you would think, news. It's only to be used to share news about a story you sent
in here to be critiqued by members, not for any other stories. It's to be used to share info
like a contest win or final, a request for a complete of it from an agent or publisher, or the
info that you have sold it...when it is sold...not later as promo when it's about to be
published. It can also be used to share the wrap up news that you have completed the
polish work on a story you have submitted here, a thanks for the help with it, and that you
will be moving on to a new story and sending in chapters from it. (All replies to news has to
be sent off list only.)

When it comes to
thanks for critiques or comments, or any kind of question about a
chapter or a critique, please only send them off list to the person you want the message to
go to. (For this reason all messages sent on list should contain your name and e-mail
address in a sig file or at the start of the message.)

If you send in only a few comments make sure you use
COMMENT instead of CRIT.
Remember that
anything less than a full detailed critique done in ALL CAPS in line edit
form, can't be counted as a critique. That means there
should be an overview at the start
or the end of the chapter, letting the writer know what you thought of the chapter, and
then lots of in line edits in ALL CAPS throughout the rest of the chapter from start to
finish, pointing out the good, the bad, and the in between and giving comments and
examples to help them improve the chapter.

Having the
correct header tag in each subject line is REALLY important if members are
going to find what needs critiqued and what has already been done, and if you are going to
get proper credit for the critiques you do. This list used to work on the honor system, but
no longer does, so you don't want to spend time doing a critique and then not have it count.

Please note that
once you LEAVE the group, your credits are only good for THREE
. After that time they are deleted, so if you come back later, you start from zero. Of
course if you leave owing critiques, those numbers will be kept, so members can't come
back over and over and leave without doing the critiques they owe. (Also if you leave the
group owning critiques, you will be banned from the group and not allowed to return. If
you go
inactive for three months or more in the group while owing critiques, you will be
banned.) This shouldn't be a problem since you should never get behind in critiques to
start with.  You can keep your own counts, two critiques for each sub you send in, and the
database is always there for members. It's on the group page and easy to get to. If you find
you are behind, simply do the critiques needed to put yourself back in the clear, and then
if you leave or go inactive, you can come right back if you like. Do remember that once you
leave the group, if you don't rejoin in three months, your info might be cleared from the
database, so it's best to just make sure your counts aren't in the negative, and then simply
go No Mail on the group until you are ready to become active again. That way your counts
are safe and so is your membership. (Smile)

4) For each chapter you send in to be critiqued, you
MUST FIRST critique TWO chapters
from others. You can critique more if you wish, but not less. Please keep up with your
counts and
stay ahead. It's better to be a few ahead of the game, then to get a sub
bounced back to you because you don't have enough credits. Most members stay a number
of critiques ahead, simply doing them when they have time and letting them pile up for
when they are needed.

Critiques only count if they are done correctly; simply sending in a few comments like good
job, I like the hero, this made me laugh, ect.... doesn't count as one of your two detailed
critiques.  Any one could scan a little of a chapter and type in a few general type comments
in a few places. Line edits that are detailed and include detailed comments, explain why
something worked or didn't, gives examples that would work better, ect... even on things
that worked well, help me make sure the whole chapter has been read and every one is
getting a fair critique. A fair critique is a helpful critique. (Detailed critique means there
should be an overview at the start or the end of the chapter, letting the writer know what
you thought of the chapter as a whole, and then in line edits in ALL CAPS throughout the
rest of the chapter from start to finish, pointing out the good, the bad, and the in between.)

All critiques should be done in ALL CAPS and LINE EDIT form, in detail. If not, the
critique DOES NOT count as one of the two you have to do for each chapter of your own
you submit. Line edit simply means going through as you read and adding your changes
and comments. We do this in all CAPS throughout the text of the chapter, so they stand
out. (Also, since all formatting is lost when messages go through the group, highlighting or
other forms of critiquing that you might be used to, would be lost.) ALL CAPS is quick, easy
to spot, and just works the best in this type of on line setting.

I don't think I've ever seen a perfect chapter, not even in a published book, so you should
be able to point out some thing to improve it. If you find that one in a million chapter that
just really is perfect,  then point out what you found that was so perfect, such as this
works good because..., great use of dialogue, I love the way you handle POV switches
because..., you are really good at dialogue even when..., I think this setting works well
because..., your hero seems kindhearted because..., and so on. Add those comments
within the text where they apply, in ALL CAPS. That way the writer, and the crit counter,
are sure the chapter was read, and read from beginning to end and that you put thought,
time and effort into it. That's why all
critiques must be very detailed critiques. By the
way, did I mention that all critiques have to be detailed, helpful critiques? Smile

Remember when doing a critique, those detailed comments need to be
critique comments,
not personal opinion comments. Your personal thoughts, kind of reader type thoughts are
fine, but don't help much and if that's mostly what's there, we aren't going to count it as a
critique. You are a writer giving a critique, not simply a reader. It's the critique comments
that should be the main part of your comments throughout the text of the chapter.

Personal thought type comments are stuff like.... "Wish I lived there.", "Reminds me of my
brother.", "I'd do that too.", "Ouch.", "Ah, I love horses.", "Men make me so mad.", "She
should marry this man!," "My family had one of those.", "Good one.", "You tell him.", "Oh,
poor baby.", or "Ain't love grand."  I'm not saying you can't add these kinds of comments,
but they don't count as part of your critique, so when you send in a critique and we see
that most of the comments are personal thought type comments and not helpful critique
comments, your critique is not going to count as a critique.

Comments, kind of
an overview of your thoughts on the chapter, should be placed at the
start or end of the chapter, this part doesn't need to be done in all caps because it's not
going to get lost in the text of the chapter. (The fewer the comments in the text, the longer
and more detailed this overview should be.)  

Make sure, like always, that you place your name and e-mail address in the message, so
the writer can contact you off list if he or she has any questions.

As you read each chapter you should watch for typos, grammar mistakes, spelling, as well
as pace, POV, weak plot points, sentences you have to reread, characterization, and
anything at all that could be better or stronger done in some other way. DO TRY to point
out at least a couple of good things too though. We all like to know we got something right
in a chapter.

After you finish a critique on a chapter, double check it to make sure it's a complete
and detailed critique of the whole chapter, send it back to the list address--after you delete
SUB from the subject line and type in CRIT. If you send in a thanks on list, delete all of
the critique, but for a very few lines. No need to resend the chapter.

No flames or back biting. I know there will be a point where someone feels someone else
was too harsh, and even mean, or maybe just all wrong. Your story is your story, and no
one else's. If someone sends comments you don't agree with or like, then just simply hit
delete and move on. No need to argue over it.

Harsh Critiques. One word. DON'T! I fully expect all members to do critiques with tact
and thoughtfulness. If you can't, then you don't belong here. This doesn't mean you can't
point out what is wrong....but you are to do so in a normal, tactful way. That means no
messages that offer comments such as, This Sooooooooo Sucks, Get a Dictionary, Take a
Writing Class and Maybe a First Grade English Class Too, I Had to Force Myself to Read
This Crap, and so on. Comments like those don't help the writer at all. Comments like
those will earn the person removal from the group. Besides, I know I sure wouldn't want to
be guilty of sending comments like that to anyone. Would you? (See more samples of what
doesn't work, and what does work, here by reading
this article if you didn't read it from
the first or second link closer to the top of this page.)

Note: This doesn't mean you have to like every thing you read. And this doesn't mean you
should only expect to get glowing or gentle critiques. If you don't have
thick skin and can't
take the negative opinions of others about your work, then this critique group might not be
the place for you. If you think other writers can be harsh, wait until an editor, agent, or
contest's judge gets a hold of your MS.  

If you find a chapter so bad that you think you won't be able to control yourself,
hit delete
and move on

If you know the critiques from one member always rubs you wrong,
hit delete and move
. There are around 500 members here, and not everyone is going to rub each other the
right way. When someone notices they aren't getting thanks from a member, they'll usually
figure it out. If not, and you just can't stand it, contact that person off list and "kindly" ask
that they don't critique your work anymore because your likes and dislikes are too far

(If a member's critiques of your work just really bothers you over and over, please do feel
free to
contact that member off list and respectfully request that she not critique other
chapters you submit because your styles or view points don't seem to be the same.)

If you do find someone is just totally being ugly and hurtful and disrespectful, like the
samples I gave above, then FORWARD the critique to the group owner address or contact
me through the contact form on my home page, and we'll check into the problem and
handle it if we find the critique really is over the limit. I know we are all adults here
though, and so I doubt we'll have many troubles like this. Note that being ugly, hurtful, or
disrespectful, WILL get you REMOVED from this list. But also remember that ugly, hurtful
and disrespectful doesn't mean you have to like every critique you get, and that they have
to be sugar coated. Blunt and to the point isn't meant to be hurtful or disrespectful by
many people, it's just what they think of as an honest and helpful critique. The group
owner address is

9) The same chapter is only to be resent to the list for three reasons.

a) You didn't get at least two critiques on it -- remember stuff like good work, I like this, or
such, sent without more comments does not count as a critique for you or for the person
who sent it. If you resend a chapter because it didn't get two critiques, don't forget to use
RESUB as your subject tag. Notice
RESUB is one word in all caps. Please wait a week
before you resend.

b) You've complete a lot of really major, major changes on the chapter -- in other words, it's
not even the same story any more.  I'm talking really major. I say really major, because if
you just do the changes that members suggested to you, then what good is in them
reading the same chapter again? This keeps the list from being clogged with the same work
over and over, and it also pushes each of us to leave that chapter of our work
along and to move forward with our story to the next chapter.

c) You sent the chapter at
least three months ago, and are now working on the story again
and need some refresher type feedback.

Sig files. Please sign your messages so members have a name and e-mail address to
contact you off list with thanks or comments or questions. Do note that sig files can't be
more than six lines long when they come through to members.

Your Yahoo ID and E-Mail address. PLEASE try to stick to using only one Yahoo ID
and one Email address for your whole stay in this group. If you
have to switch the e-mail
address or Yahoo ID you use for this group to a different address or ID, you need to let us
right away. You can do this by contacting me with the contact button at the top of
this page or me or any moderator by using the group owner e-mail address listed next to
my name below and on the Yahoo Group page.  Our counters and database keepers use
those addresses and IDs to keep records of how many critiques you have done and how
many subs. If you don't let us know when you switch to a different address or ID, then
are not responsible for any mistakes
made in your counts. The same is true if you don't
use the correct subject tag and cause the counters to miss something.

If you don't belong to this group and wish to join, simply send a blank email message to

To start sending messages to members of  this group, simply send email to

If you do not wish to belong to RWCcritique, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to

To see and modify all of your groups, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups

Resources for Romance Writers
FAQ About The Critique Group
1)  Why are the subject-line tags important?

We have some very kind members who give of their time to keep everyone even and see
that all rules are followed. (Believe me, this can take a lot of time, including their own
writing time.) The last thing I want is to put more work on these giving members, or have
you not get credit for a critique you did or have it counted against you as a sub. The
correct tags keep that from happening. When they aren't correct, your counts might end
up not correct as well and you will have no one to blame but yourself. (Smile)  

2)  Where can I find the
database to see what my counts are?

Simply go to the group page,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCcritique sign in, then
click on Database. The most recent date is the last one to be updated. Please remember if
you switch e-mail addresses or Yahoo ID's and don't let us know, switch more than a
couple of times, or don't use the correct subject line tags for critiques, thanks and subs,
then we are not responsible for any mistakes made because of you not following the group
rules. There is only one counter, one database keeper and a few moderators, so members
really have to be responsible for their own actions.

3)  Can I do a
number of critiques in between my subs?

Many members prefer to stay well ahead, doing critiques when they have spare time or
when their own writing isn't going that well. Then when they do get ready to send in more
subs, they have a number of credits they can draw from. You can't get behind and owe
critiques, but you can do as many critiques ahead as you like. If you leave the group or go
inactive for too long owing critiques, you will be banned from the group. (We can't keep up
with counts forever waiting and watching for a member's counts that are in the negative to
be caught up.)

4)  What if I
don't get at least two critiques on a chapter I sub?

If a week goes by and you have gotten less than two critiques on any chapter you sent in,
simply resend the chapter. Please use the subject tag RESUB and make sure you explain
at the start of the message that you are resending the chapter because it only got one or
no critiques.

5)  Can I critique a chapter that has already gotten two critiques or that was submitted
weeks before?

Of course. My hope is that a lot of chapters end up getting more than two critiques. No
one minds a few extra critiques.

6)  What if I
don't find anything wrong with a chapter?

I've actually never found a perfect chapter, even in a published book. So the chances that
a chapter will come through to the group that doesn't have a typo, a grammar error, a
missed word, a sentence that wasn't clear, some points that could be stronger, and lots of
other things, is pretty slim. (Smile)  But if you do find a one in a million perfect or nearly
perfect chapter, then use your comments to point out all of the great work in detail,
explain what worked so well why, ect.... Or just send the chapter back with the
COMMENT: subject line tag and your comments. If you use the CRIT: tag then the
message should contained a full, very detailed critiques as explained in the rules.
Anything sent in that is less than a detailed critique done in ALL CAPS in line edit format
will not be counted as a critique.

7)  What happens if I get
behind in critiques?

Until you catch up, you won't be allowed to send in any more subs. If you leave the group
owing critiques you will be banned from the group.  If you go inactive in the group for too
long while owing critiques, you will be banned.  (We can't keep up with counts forever
waiting and watching for a member's counts that are in the negative to be caught up.)
Since you should never get behind, this shouldn't be a problem.

8)  Can I send in a
query letter or a synopsis to the group?

Yes. They may send in a query letter or a synopsis as long as they follow the rules listed
for sending in them. (You can find info on this in the above rules and details.)

How long can my chapter be?

Never more than the
computer word count of 6,250. Anything longer than that and you'll
have to break the chapter in half and send it as two subs, or either find a new place to
end your chapter for the sub, and put your chapter breaks how ever you want them once
you do the rewrites in your own file.

10)  I have a
new e-mail address.  How do I change it with my groups so I can get
messages at the new address, or even at more than one address?

You can do it the hard way, and unsub from each group with the old address and resub to
each group with the new address, or you can do it the easy way. (I always say go for the
easy way if there is one.)  The easy way: Go to any Yahoo Group home page, sign in, then
click on My Groups. The link for it can be found near the top of the page. Next you click
on My Email Preferences, then Add Email Address. You can follow the directions on the
screen to add your new address, a second or third address, or even remove an address.
To pick which address you want each group's messages to go to, you can click on My
Groups, then on Edit My Groups, and then use the pull down menus there to pick which
address or addresses you want to use, and even to pick how you want those messages
delivered. When done, don't forget to click on Save Changes.  By the way, the address for
a Yahoo Group's home page can be found at the bottom of any message that comes
through to that group. (Check out Rule 10 above and make sure you follow it anytime you
change your ID or address.)

11)  I sent a message to the group almost an hour ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet.
I resend

Not yet. Almost always, any message sent goes through. Sometimes they don’t show up in
your own in box, but reach the group page and everyone else. So the first thing to do is to
check the group page and see if your message is there. If not, wait at least a few more
hours. Sometimes Yahoo has glitches that can slow down messages by hours. If you wait
and notice that other messages seem to be coming in to the group fine, then it’s time to
resend. This shouldn't’t be a problem that you have to deal with often. More often than
not messages pop through to the group within a reasonable time with no trouble.

12)  Can I use
e-mail commands to change my membership settings?

Yes, sure can. Simply take the sub address for the group… RWCcritique-
subscribe@yahoogroups.com and change the command word in the middle of it to fit the
command you want. So if you want to stop getting messages for a while, you would send a
blank message to RWCcritique-nomail@yahoogroups.com.  If you want to switch to daily
digest you would send a blank message to RWCcritique-digest@yahoogroups.com. If you
want individual messages you would send a blank message to RWCcritique-

13)  What is

With daily digest instead of getting each message individually as it is sent to the group,
you will get about 25 of them in one message file, usually only once a day. It makes it
really easy to scan through subject lines and pick which messages you want to read or
skip for those who have very little time for an active group like RWC, but still want to take

14)  I tried to
send a file through to the group, but it didn't work. Why?

All RWC groups are set up so that no HTML or attachments can be sent through them to
members. This is a safety net to protect members from computer viruses.

15)  I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks and need to
stop getting messages. Can I
do this without leaving the group?

Yes, you can by going "no mail". You can change your mail setting from the group's home
page here,
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RWCcritique, or with a simple e-mail
command. See question number 12 for info on how to use e-mail commands.

16)  The rules say
no flames. I’m new to on line groups, so what is a flame?

A flame is an attack on a person or their opinions. A flame is a message sent with heat to
it, anger, or sharp words.  It’s a message sent without thought or caring for the person
you are replying to or for others in the group who will have to see it. Tension isn’t a good
thing for any group. RWC is a warm, friendly place for writers, so flames are never

Where to start and how to pick a chapter?

You start by doing critiques. Please make sure you follow the rules on how to do critiques,
including the parts about doing them in all caps and making sure they are very detailed
and helpful critiques. You can start with the first sub you see come through, or you can go
to the group page and look over older subs, or wait until you see one pop through that you
really like. You don't have to wait until you see a chapter one or until you see a sub that
no one else or only a couple of people have critiqued.  You are free to critique any sub sent
in to the group, and to critique as many as you wish.

17)  Why am I still on
moderation and how does moderation work?

All new members are set to moderated when they join any RWC group. (Any member who
is behind in critiques is also set to moderated.) This means that when that member sends
a message to the group, that message comes to a moderator first, off list, so she can see it
before it hits the main group. Being moderated isn’t a problem for members. Moderated
messages are checked off and on all day every day and put right through. This is the way
we block spammers, as well as make sure that new members took the time to read and
understand the rules, makes sure the right subject tags are used, and to make sure that
of course critiques are detailed, full critiques, as well as how we block messages from
anyone who needs to do those critiques before they send in another sub. New members
are left set to moderated until they have posted enough for me to be sure they understand
and are willing to follow group rules. Once we're sure of that, they are removed from
moderated and their messages go right to the group. Unless they fail to follow the rules, or
send in flames or spam, they stay set to unmoderated. Our goal at all times is to have as
very few members set to moderated as we can. Moderating members is a lot work and
takes a lot of extra time. Please note that since there are a number of moderators who
help out with the RWC groups now days, and since the groups are so large, sometimes
members get left set to moderated simply because we don't notice it. Like explained above,
this should be no problem for members. Any message that is sent in that should go to the
group usually is approved in very short order and sent on its way.

18)  How come I can only submit romance writing to the group?

RWC is
a group for romance writing only. That means if you have a horror novel, a
children's story, a non-fiction novel, an erotic novel, ect... or even a short romance story,
this group isn't the place for it. There is a kind of formula to writing a romance novel. I
don't mean that in a bad way. It's not put slot A in slot B, write 200 words, add fight, stir a
little and pour happy ending on top. I mean it is the standard formula of boy meets girl,
boy and girl struggle, boy and girl live happy after. That formula can be made into a million
romance novels. (Oh, guess it already has. Smile.) It's how each writer handles it, who the
characters are, what the plot is, the conflicts, and all of that stuff that goes into this
strong man and woman falling in love, working out those conflicts, and together making a
happy ending that has us smiling when we read the last word and watch them ride off into
the sunset. I think each style and genre of writing has some kind of formula of its own,
but what works in a romance novel isn't going to work in one of those other stories. There
are different rules and guidelines for different kinds of writing. We only do romance on
RWC. That means when you start to critique a chapter, you know what's there should
work in a romance novel, including the hero, the conflict, the pace, ect... and you can
critique that chapter on the strength of those points. We might only do one thing here,
but we do it well. So we stick with romance novels.
Copyrighted by Charlotte Dillon