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(That's lunch for those of you who don't know that what you call dinner is really

If I close my eyes and think about it, I swear I can taste my mom's fried chicken, rice
and gravy, rolls and potato salad. The meal was followed by a slice of cake or pie she
had made the day before. I don't know how she managed to put such a big meal on the
table in an hour's time. Of course, she spent many years cooking. She was the oldest
girl in her family, so while the others were outside working, including my grandmother,
Mom often fixed supper. She said she was too small to reach the stovetop. The frightful
thing is that she used a dynamite box to stand on to cook. I sure hope it was empty.
(Did I mention that my Mom spent some of her childhood in a lumber camp, some doing
sharecropping, some living in a cemetery, and once even in the middle of the woods in
a log cabin? By the way, my dad spent some of his in a small zoo.)  

But back to food.

Now days instead of digging through your mom's recipe files to find some of your old
favorites that will bring back memories for you, take some time and dig through some
websites. I've listed links to some great recipe blogs below, and lots of company sites
that have both old and new recipes up. While you are here, don't forget to use the nav
bar on the left to check out some of the recipes I put up to share from my family to
yours. Enjoy!