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Articles On Writing
Page One

Building Fictional Characters One Stranger at a Time: This article can help you take a
blank character and give him flash and bones.

Help Building Characters and Keeping it All Straight: Tips that help you really flesh
out your charact
ers and programs, books, and tips that help you not only do that, but then
keep track of all of the information you gather.

Free Character Chart: This is a very detailed character chart that covers everything from
looks, to motives, to family, to favorite movies and pets, and everything in between that I
could think of.

Rejection Letters Aren't All Bad: Yes, there actually are some good things about them.

The Power of a Query Letter: Ever wonder what an editor can figure out about your
writing just from reading a one-page query letter?

Recipe for Mailing a Complete Manuscript: Getting that request for a complete is a
thing, until you find yourself trying to figure out the best way to mail the darn
thing. This article should help.

Writer Beware!: In the writing world, you have to know who and what to avoid and what's
normal and what isn't.

How to Get the Most Out of E-Mail Groups: I run a few large ones and have been a
member of many more. Along the way I've learned a lot about them.

Conflict: What it is and what it isn't.

Writing Contests: If you are going to enter some, judge a few, or even coordinate one,
then this article is for you.

What is Point of View: Short and to the point article about POV.

Pace: Keep that story moving.

The Give and Take of Critiques: This article offers plenty of hints on giving a critique
and taking one.

Helpful Hints on Characterization

It’s All Abou
t Character:
Some hints to help you make sure your characters are
characters and not cardboard cutouts.

Your E-mail Message – Your Reputation: You might want to read this one before you
send that next message on list to a writing group.

All That Sex!: If you have some doubts about writing sex scenes, this article might help
you figure things

Getting Back To Writing: If you find yourself struggling to get back to your writing after a
break away from it, then this article might help you or at least let you know you aren't

My Get It Done Writing Goals Chart: This is a weekly chart you can use to keep track of
your writing and the stuff that goes with it, like word count, edits, research, promo, ect...

My Non-Writing Articles: Find them here